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ROMNEY WORDSWORTH -Obama is spearheading one of the final agenda items of the totalitarian Left:  Gun Confiscation.  We now know how the Left intends to proceed.  The point man in this assault on the 2nd Amendment is Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, who this week, by executive fiat, proclaimed that Connecticut residents on the No Fly List will now be barred from purchasing firearms.  Call it the No Buy List.

Expect Governor Cuomo of New York to quickly follow suit.  Malloy and Cuomo are the Dynamic Duo of Constitutional Law Dunces who are acting as Obama’s Field Generals in the War on the Second Amendment.  In 2013 Cuomo, and then Malloy, signed into law mandatory “assault weapon” registration laws in their states.  The guns covered under the law are based on how they look, aesthetically, than on actual operation or performance.  So, a Bush Master AR15 in gun metal black with a laser sight looks “scary” to gunphobic Liberals, and has to be registered.  The same gun with a wooden stock and iron sights looks less scary, and so it doesn’t make the list.  It’s retarded.

It’s also a law widely disrespected and ignored.  In New York, one year after the so-called SAFE Act was passed in 2013, out of an estimated one million “assault” rifles covered by the ban, only 44,485 such weapons had been registered, by 23,847 gun owners (an average of two guns per owner).  Connecticut, under a similar law, had only registered about 50,000 guns in the same time period.  The pro-gun group, Connecticut Carry, estimates there are approximately 350,000 rifles covered under the Connecticut ban.

This is a very high level of non-compliance, in two states that are dominated by Leftist legislatures, in so-called “deep blue” states.  If they can’t get gun owners to register their guns in the Liberal North East, they aren’t going to sell that anywhere.  Connecticut’s passing of a No Buy list just takes this to the next level.  It deprives a class of citizens of a Constitutional Right without Due Process of any kind.  No one knows what procedures, processes, or evidence gets people on the Federal No Fly List.  The Feds don’t even notify people when they put them on their list.  You only find out after you have bought a ticket and try to board a plane at an airport.  There is zero transparency.  It is a Star Chamber shrouded in secrecy, with no right or procedure to get your name taken off the list.

Further, the No Fly List is a total joke, or would be if people’s right to travel wasn’t being infringed.  First of all, there are entirely too many people on the list, it is over a million names long.  Second of all, it is riddled with errors.  The list infamously contains the names of infants, congressmen, veterans, the elderly, and some 73 members of the Department of Homeland Security.  Thirdly, the list has been ineffective.  No actual terrorists have been arrested or captured using the list.  The San Bernadino Terror Couple flew back and forth from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to the U.S. unimpeded.  Fourthly, if someone is too dangerous to get on a plane, then LET THE GOVERNMENT COME FORTH AND PRESENT THEIR CASE!  It is repugnant to the 4th Amendment for the government to set sanctions against citizens without presenting any evidence or allowing the accused to defend themselves in a court of law.  If there are so many suspected terrorists in the U.S., then the government should make arrests and start criminal proceedings.  Putting people in a travel limbo based on secret evidence is just tyranny, plain and simple.  Finally, the biggest problem with the No Fly List is that no one can expect the Marxists who populate the Obama Regime to not use the list as a weapon against their political opponents. 


The No Buy List simply extends the tyranny from the Right to Travel to the Right to keep and Bear Arms.  Based on the lack of compliance with gun registration in New York and Connecticut, we can expect a similar level of flouting of the law by private sellers of firearms (the so-called gun show loophole), because requiring private individuals to do criminal background checks like firearm dealers would be a great financial burden, and unenforceable.  All it will do is create criminals out of another class of otherwise law abiding citizens.  And what happens to citizens who get put on these No Buy Lists when they already own firearms?

The last piece of the puzzle to fall into place is a little noticed Supreme Court case from 2011, captioned Kentucky vs. King.  In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court over-ruled the Supreme Court of Kentucky and held that police can enter a home without a warrant under exigent circumstances, even when the exigent circumstances are created by the police themselves!  Exigent circumstances is just fancy legalese for an emergency that requires the police to act quickly.  So quickly, the theory goes, that they don’t have time to get a warrant.  This case hands the police Carte Blanche to manufacture an emergency to enter any home they want, any time they want, without being under the limits of a warrant to state with specificity the probable cause for the entry and search of a home, nor what the police hope to find.  It provides the excuse for a warrantless fishing expedition, and to harass and abuse private citizens at will.  This was exactly what the 4th Amendment was written to prevent, but the unelected Justices of the Supreme Court voted 8-1 in favor of eviscerating the 4th Amendment.

Now, I can tell you with metaphysical certainty that the claimed existence of an unregistered “assault” gun in New York and Connecticut, or the possession of firearms by people who have been put on the No Fly/No Buy list, without their knowledge, will be used by unscrupulous police departments to claim that “exigent circumstances” exist that required warrantless SWAT raids on the homes in question, because there will be an assumption that firearms in possession of people on the Government’s No Fly/No Buy list constitutes a clear and present danger to the community, that could claim lives at any second.

And so we see all the pieces have fallen into place.  Obama will let the States and even local Municipalities be the tip of the spear on gun confiscation, at least those under the control of Totalitarian Progressives like Dan Malloy and Andrew Cuomo.

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This puts Constitutional Law upside down.  The Constitution is supposed to the Supreme Law of the Land, trumping all other laws.  The Constitution is only supposed to be changed by the Amendment Process, requiring approval of a majority of the State Legislatures.  Instead, it is being over-ridden by any Governor or Mayor who wants to pursue the gun confiscation agenda.  This is Tyranny, through and through, and when the Left sends its Storm Troopers, regardless of what uniform they wear, to bust down doors in the middle of the night, American Patriots are going to fire back, literally.

Obama is leading this country into a Civil War, and for what?  So that only criminals will have guns.