VIA| Two-hundred-two refugee homes have been burnt to the ground in Germany since January of 2015.  With German Chancelor Angela Merkel inviting in one million immigrants, who have created havoc across the countryside, the German citizens who are living with the havoc, have had it.  Their voices of dissent are not being recognized by the politicians and therefore, they are sending up literal smoke signals to get their point across.

Obviously violence and harm to another human is not acceptable, but when a government refuses to listen to those whom they are sworn to protect, then the citizen will rise up and protect themselves.

The common denominator in both the German outrage, as well as, with the refugees fleeing their countries is corrupt governments. From  Merkel who ignores her constituents, to a dictator like Bashar al-Assad, the rights of humans are trampled when ultimate power corrupts.

On the following page, view the video and read the account of refugee homes and shelters being destroyed, all to get the attention of those in power.

When governments abuse their citizenry, the citizens respond in kind.  German Chancelor Merkel has ignored the pleas of the German people regarding the million refugees she has opened the German gates to and it has created a volatile unrest in the country.

Responding to the influx and the havoc that the refugees have poured out on pastoral German villages, people have responded by burning down refugee shelters.

With an influx in asylum seekers, Germany has seen a wave of violence against Muslim refugees and immigrants, including attacks on shelters and homes, Agence France-Presse reported Monday. Germany has volunteered to take the highest number of refugees in the European Union, expecting between 800,000 and 1 million asylum seekers, most from the war-torn Middle East, before the end of the year.

At least 222 homes belonging to refugees were lit on fire since January, the Local reported, citing aninvestigation in German newspaper Die Zeit. Of those attacks, in which 104 people were wounded, four people were prosecuted for their involvement. Including the arson attacks, Die Zeit’s investigation found that at least 747 crimes had been perpetrated against refugees in the nation since the beginning of the year.

Through out history, when people have been abused and oppressed by their government, when their safety and lives have hung in the balance, they have resorted to self preservation.  The burning of refugee shelters is a form of self preservation and a reaction against a German government that is not for the citizenry, but for the political correct posturing in the world.

Germany isn’t the only country setting refugee homes and centers ablaze: