Climate Change Liars Embark on Plan for World Domination

ELDER PATRIOT – The battle between the Climate Change Liars and the Climate Change Deniers has really heated up with the Liars meeting in Paris this week to discuss how to turn their bogus fear mongering into greater profits and control of human life whether through taxes or benefits to their corporate partners.

Here are the only facts that you need to know:

Millions of years of history have proven there is no correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and worldwide temperatures.

The same scientists who have tampered with the data in order to support the claims of the political class, who support them with research grants, admit that the best man can do to impact temperatures is one half of one degree.

The cost of fossil fuels that are used to power our cars and heat our homes will, in the words of Barack Obama, “necessarily skyrocket,” making everything we buy more expensive and our lives less prosperous.

The United Nations is driving this debate.  The same United Nations whose member nations have been eyeballing the wealth in America since its inception.

If President Obama really were concerned about our nation’s carbon dioxide output he would have closed the borders immediately upon entering office since every one of the millions of people he has and is welcoming will increase our carbon footprint accordingly.  This would have been a popular decision with voters of both parties.  Why didn’t he do that?  Why haven’t any other Democrats made this connection either?

The answer is because that doesn’t suit their agenda of higher taxes, enrichment of their selected corporate donors, and increased control over everything we do.

Writing in Forbes magazine Joseph Bast summed up liberal support of climate change legislation perfectly; “It is frequently said of the global warming debate that it comes down to who you believe rather than what you know. Many climate scientists say they “believe in man-made global warming” even though their own research contradicts key points in the arguments advanced in support of that hypothesis. They say this because they believe the IPCC is telling the truth about findings outside their areas of expertise.”   Mr. Bast is president and CEO of The Heartland Institute among the nation’s best-known and highly regarded think tanks.

Read that again.  People believe what they want to believe often putting their trust where none is warranted.  Liberals hopelessly believe government means well, despite all evidence to the contrary, and that government will eventually get it right.

Here is the last fact you need to consider: No government program, no matter how small or grandiose it was or later became, was ever successful at anything but slowing economic growth, infringing on our freedoms, and limiting the growth of prosperity for all of the people of the world.  Climate Change Liars are now trying to launch the most grandiose taxing and control scheme of all time – after Obamacare for Americans, perhaps.

Don’t let them.