Clinton And Obama Exposed As Liars By MSM: Why Now?

ELDER PATRIOT – The Globalist Ruling Elite may be preparing to throw Hillary Clinton and President Obama under the bus depending on the results of the Iowa Caucuses.  This suspicion was raised in recent but separate admissions made by Fox News, the New York Daily News, and the N.Y. Times.

Yesterday Catherine Herridge of Fox News reported:


“The intelligence community has deemed some of Hillary Clinton’s emails “too damaging” to national security to release under any circumstances, according to a U.S. government official close to the ongoing review. A second source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, backed up the finding.


The determination was first reported by Fox News, hours before the State Department formally announced Friday that seven email chains, found in 22 documents, will be withheld “in full” because they, in fact, contain “Top Secret” information.

The State Department, when first contacted by Fox News about withholding such emails Friday morning, did not dispute the reporting – but did not comment in detail. After a version of this report was first published, the Obama administration confirmed to the Associated Press that the seven email chains would be withheld. The department has since confirmed those details publicly.”

Today comes even more damaging headlines:


The New York Times has reported that:

“The department announced that 18 emails exchanged between Mrs. Clinton and President Obama would also be withheld, citing the longstanding practice of preserving presidential communications for future release.”

This revelation directly contradicts the New York Daily News headline of March 7, 2015 that read:

President Obama discovered Hillary Clinton’s personal email use through news reports”

From the article:

“President Obama discovered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email at the same time as news readers.

Obama, after delivering a Saturday speech in Selma, Ala., was asked when he found out about Clinton’s personal email system run from her Chappaqua home.

“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” he told CBS News”.

As I reported months ago it was a certainty that President Obama was aware of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server because it defied logic to believe that the president and his secretary of state never exchanged emails where he would’ve seen her email domain.  We also noted how some recipients of Mrs. Clinton’s emails from foreign governments refused to respond to Mrs. Clinton once they saw the labeling of her email domain.

Reading the mood of the American electorate, the Global Elite may be preparing Obama and Clinton as sacrificial lambs to be discredited or jettisoned now.  That would allow the mainstream media time to use its overwhelming influence to try to “save” this election for a less damaged candidate to replace Mrs. Clinton that they have control over. 

As for the president, the Globalists have already gotten more than they could’ve hoped for out of him and have no concerns about the legacy that he leaves behind.  Their greater concern now is with finding a candidate who has no direct ties to Obama because his poll numbers are plummeting making him a dead weight for anyone too closely aligned with him.   They could then mobilize their control of the mainstream media to promote a fresh face with ostensibly fresh ideas that would ultimately result in more of the same.