Clinton and Rubio – Above the Law [WARNING GRAPHIC]

ELDER PATRIOT – Politicians do not live in the real world.  They like it that way, that’s why they work so hard to maintain one set of laws for the people and another set of laws for themselves.  This gives them the appearance of writing laws for the protection of the people but also allows them to exempt themselves so they may continue their corruption and defrauding of the people with impunity.

Take the liability laws that apply to the general population for example.  In order for a plaintiff to be held liable for someone else’s injuries the injured party must first prove negligence.  Under the law negligence is “the failure to exercise that degree of care that, in the circumstances, the law requires for the protection of other persons or those interests of other persons that may be injuriously affected by the want of such care.”  This means that a defendant is liable for paying restitution for the damages rising from an injury – bodily, financial or otherwise – if that injury could’ve been prevented had reasonable care been exercised.  Conveniently, politicians have exempted themselves from such scrutiny and responsibility.

Small business owners enjoy no such impunity.  Let’s examine the conundrum many tavern owners face because of liability law. 

If a patron who has been drinking beverage alcohol causes another person to be injured, the tavern owner may be me found negligent and made to pay restitution if the patron who caused the injury was over the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) in that jurisdiction.  The legal theory is that the tavern owner should’ve foreseen the potential for injury.


Injury and/or property damage due to negligence may require restitution

The problem for the tavern owner is that the patron who caused the injury may not have been served after he or she reached the BAC that defined the legal limit for intoxication but, had passed that limit by the time the police were able to administer a test.  This is because the body continues to process the contents of the stomach over time.  In the meantime the patron is likely to have exhibited no signs of visible intoxication that would’ve served as a warning to the tavern owner.

For the tavern owner in this situation there was no apparent reason to deny service to the patron who caused the injury and in consideration of the fact that the tavern owner may have served hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers over the years that consumed a similar amount of beverage alcohol and also exhibited no signs of intoxication. 

How that differs from the impunity enjoyed Globalist politicians like Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio who routinely support legislation that proves to be injurious to many of their constituents (customers) is striking!

Two birds of the same Globalist feather

Their recent verbal support (Rubio conveniently avoided being present to vote on the Omnibus) that paves the way for funding the importation of hundreds of thousands of potential Muslim jihadists highlights the duplicitous nature of the laws governing and protecting them and not you.

The reign of violence conducted on the European people by Muslim invaders to their continent provides us with a legitimate warning as to what can logically be expected to transpire here as a result of the immigration policies of Middle East Muslims.  Clinton and Rubio have embraced the immigration plan in its entirety.  If they were held liable for compensating the victims of terrorism committed by even one of the Islamist invaders their legislation welcomes to our country it is doubtful such irresponsible legislation would pass congress.

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öéìåí æåí 77 çãùåú ôéâåò ìéã îåîðè

Suicide bombing in Israel

Instead, the policies they have embraced are the very definition of negligence.  Compounding their negligence is that wherever in the world large scale Muslim immigration has been welcomed violence by Islamic radicals has followed.

Only there is no such law protecting us from their decisions.  Decisions that have already resulted in death and bloodshed caused by the initial wave of Muslim invaders to the United States in places like San Bernardino.  Because they are not personally held to account for such reckless and irresponsible dereliction while in office they have no reason to worry about anything except where their next vote is coming from.

In the 2016 it will be understandable when these politicians receive 100% of the Muslim vote.  Anything above that will be the vote of morons.