Clinton Email Release is a Warning to the President

ELDER PATRIOT – A number of sources are reporting that the State Department has turned over an additional 925 Clinton emails to Trey Gowdy’s House Select Committee on Benghazi revealing what she was doing the night of the Benghazi attacks and that she and those who worked for her coordinated with the White House to assign blame for the attacks.

Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg though we may never learn the whole truth if cooler heads prevail between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This most recent release of emails were orchestrated by Mrs. Clinton and her friends that remain at State in response to the Obama administration’s exposing her use of a private email server in the first place.  Mrs. Clinton’s recently met with Obama to discuss how best to stop any further damaging revelations surrounding her use of the unauthorized and unsecured server, but as we reported here two days ago, Mrs. Clinton exploded into rage during a meeting with the president when he turned a deaf ear to her request, finally screaming at the president in frustration, “I want you to call your fucking dog’s off, Barack!”

The president was so taken back that he took a moment to let the situation settle before telling her that the wheels were already in motion and the he was not inclined to stop them.  He also reminded her that anything that was coming was of her own doing.

Mrs. Clinton left that meeting fuming mad and with revenge on her mind.  Her decision, after sleeping on it was to let President Obama know that she wasn’t the only one with something to fear from the missing emails being made public.  It’s only an opening salvo and limited enough in it’s scope that she’s betting the media will largely avoid turning it into an issue but that Obama will “get the message” and put an end to any more of her emails becoming public.

The mainstream media has mostly ignored what we pointed out a month ago; anyone who ever received an email from Mrs. Clinton knew that she wasn’t using a secured State Department server, including President Obama. 

The president has much to worry about if Mrs. Clinton isn’t mollified soon and resorts to a scorched earth policy on her way down.  She’s just enough of a vindictive bitch to take the nuclear route.  This could get really interesting.