Clinton Mook Exposed By Jake Tapper

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton has lied and alibied so often that she is finding herself out of bullets.  Watch CNN’s Jake Tapper take apart Hillary’s mook, Robbie Mook, when he tries to blame the vast right wing for a Federal District Court judge’s decision today.

The exchange between Tapper and the Mook took place this afternoon when Tapper asked him about a D.C. district court judge’s decision to open the door to subpoenaing Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s personal emails because Mrs. Clinton had delayed turning over her own emails for far too long:

Tapper: “Robbie, “I want to ask you about the news just now of a new development in the e-mail case, a judge in D.C. opening the door to future subpoenas for Clinton, for her longtime aide, Huma Abedin, looking to get ahold of personal e-mails that were not turned over to the State Department. Do you have any response to this news?”

Robbie Mook: “Well, Jake, we all know that the right wing sees Hillary Clinton as the Democrats’ best chance to hold on to the White House and continue to build on the progress that President Obama has made. That’s why this right wing group filed this lawsuit.  Of course, they’re trying to subpoena people, of course they’re trying to get this into the news. And we’re just –”

Tapper: “But Robbie this judge was appointed by Bill Clinton, I believe.”