CNN Admits Clinton Ownership of Network

ELDER PATRIOT – Conservatives have long accused CNN of maintaining an unholy alliance with the Clintons. 


Shows such as the one above delved into the difficult choices Mrs. Clinton has been faced with in her public life.  You know, like whether to stay up late into the night to save our embassy employees in Benghazi or give a stand down order and go to sleep.  Oh, they didn’t ask her that question?  I wonder why not?

All doubt whether such control resides with the Clintons was removed today when CNN announced it would be televising a hastily scheduled town hall event for Hillary Clinton on this coming Monday night in prime time.

Only one week before the Iowa Caucuses are to be held, CNN is in essence giving Mrs. Clinton free airtime on their network.  In light of the limited and obscured nature of the Democratic debate process, ostensibly to protect Mrs. Clinton, there can be only one reason for this sudden change in strategy, to give Mrs. Clinton one last chance to rehabilitate herself with the voters in an effort to reverse her crashing poll numbers.

That CNN would allow itself to be used in this way removes all doubt as to who is actually controlling the scheduling and the editorial content at the network.