ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Following the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, CNN published a post-debate poll that said that Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the debate by 11 points, 57% to 43%.  This was then repeated endlessly through the Dinosaur Media.  I personally recall how WABC Radio News repeated the story at every newsbreak during the day, three times an hour.  It was an echo chamber.  It was also a complete lie, fabricated by CNN in collusion with the Clinton Campaign.


The poll was taken for CNN by an outfit called Hart Associates.  Hart Associates surveyed 500 registered voters.


But Geoff Garin, the President of Hart Research and Associates, is currently working as “a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election“.  So the guy running the poll for CNN is ALSO working as a strategic advisor in an arm of the Clinton campaign team. 


Does that sound like a conflict of interest to you?  Does that sound like evidence of bias?  Well, we don’t have to worry about evidence of bias, we have PROOF of bias in the poll.

Here is a breakdown of the survey participants’ political leanings:


Now, the first thing to remember is that polling firms have the ability to select the percentages of those participating in their polls based on political affiliations.  They do this by calling people and the first question they ask is what political party do you belong to, and who are you thinking of voting for.  Then they ask if they can call you back later.  The political data of the interviewees is put in a database.  This allows polling firms to “dial up” a survey response group with as many DemocRats, Independents, Republicans, Trump Supporters, or Clinton Supporters as they want.  The polling firm is in complete control of this.

So, now look at the breakdown of the political leanings of the survey sample selected by Hart Associates for CNN’s post second debate poll.  Notice anything skewed about the sample? 

Strong Democrats are oversampled compared to strong Republicans by a factor of 7, which is a large number in a total sample of only 500.  Overall, the sample has 36% Republican leaners versus 43% of DemocRat leaners.  True Independents are only sampled at 12%.  Do these percentages actually reflect today’s electorate?  Not even close.

The actual national breakdown is 32% DemocRat, 27% Republican, and a whopping 40% Independents (which represent a large exodus from the DemocRat Party since the serial scandals of Bill Clinton, which the Left Media never talks about).

Who is leading Independent Voters by large double digit margins in polling?  You guessed it, Donald J. Trump.  Which means if this polling sample reflected the actual voter makeup, Donald Trump would assuredly have won the poll.


This is the power of propaganda.  This is the bubble of ignorance and falsehoods that the Left Media creates today to serve their masters in the DemocRat Party.  As another Wikileaks release noted recently, the DemocRat Party agenda is to keep the American people “unaware and compliant to government”.

But wait, there’s more.

Hart Associates is on the payroll of the Clinton Campaign.



The CNN post-debate poll was paid for by the Clinton campaign.  The poll was conducted by an outfit headed by a man who works for the Clinton campaign.  The poll was aired and published by a media network that is actively collaborating, colluding, and conspiring with the Clinton campaign.


If Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, she has promised to unconstitutionally “shut down” the Alt Right Media.  Clinton has declared that the “Alt Right” does not have a “right to exist”.  That is fascist tyranny in its most naked form, and will be the death of the First Amendment if the forces of evil prevail in this election.


It’s sad to say, but this election year, the Constitution itself is on the ballot.  It isn’t supposed to be this way; our office holders are supposed to be mere stewards who safeguard our constitutional rights.  But the DemocRat Party was taken over by the Communist Movement after the death of John Kennedy, and it works tirelessly to transform our country from a Constitutional Republic into a Communist Dictatorship.  It is a measure of how far the DemocRats have succeeded in destroying our Republic as it was laid down by our Founding Fathers that they only need to win the Presidency one more time to make the conversion permanent.

What is this compared to some locker room talk by Donald Trump from 11 years ago?  Bill Clinton RAPED women, and the DemocRats told us it was “just about sex”.

Leaked transcripts of Hillary’s secret speeches to Wall Street reveal that she intends to create a world with a global governance, a world without borders and with free trade.  It will be a world where super wealthy elites live like Medieval Royalty, and the rest of us are reduced to feudal serfs.

If you don’t want such a world for yourself and your children, if freedom of speech and thought are precious to you, then vote TRUMP 2016 this November.