Common Core Is Worse Than You Think

ELDER PATRIOT – The World Marxist Movement never rests.  Where the Framers gave us a limited government in an attempt to protect us from the excesses of government, bankers and corporations, liberal progressives have created the biggest, costliest, most intrusive government in the history of the world.

Every one of the programs that has been enacted by the myriad of Federal Departments that our Founders would have resisted the funding of as wholly at odds with the vision of Federalism and states rights has been co-opted in order to control every aspect of your life and your children’s lives.  And, every penny of it has been funded without a fight or any concessions by a Republican controlled congress using your tax dollars.

It’s time for a return to limited government and what you’re going to learn about the Common Core curriculum will only have you fuming that Republicans have voted to fund the indoctrination of our children with our money.

Project Veritas is the brainchild of James O’Keefe a true American patriot who has consistently been able to have liberals expose themselves as liars and hypocrites in front of hidden cameras.

O’Keefe’s latest work gives Kim Koerber, a sales consultant for Gates Foundation funded publisher National Geographic enough airtime to allow her to expose the Common Core curriculum for revising the true story of America’s founding and with it the underlying principles that were wholly American.  The ultimate goal of Common Core is to make your children accepting citizens of the world by minimizing the significance of the Constitution and removing Christianity from its central role in forming the principles by which we live.

Bush, Rubio, Ryan all supported Common Cause with your money.  Never forget that.