ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – I happen to have a secret source on the inside of The Blob, that is, the Public Education System in the United States.  Every so often, I will get secret information smuggled out from the Indoctrination Gulags that our public schools have become.  It’s similar to getting a photo of atrocities, or starvation, out of North Korea.  To protect the identity of my source, I cannot name the school involved in this story, but you can consider this to be a sequel to the article I wrote earlier titled “Lies My Common Core Child Told Me”.


This is a real photo from a real white board in a real 5th grade classroom in America.  The Common Core lesson is to have the school children imagine that the Founding Fathers, the Patriots, lost the War of Independence.  The lesson went into lurid detail (the obscured writing in green to the left of the photo) of the many different forms of execution that the Founders would have suffered at the hands of the British had they lost.

This is pernicious on so many levels.  For starters, we have students in college today who can’t tell you who America fought in the War of Independence.  Your average college graduate is woefully ignorant of REAL American history.  What is the possible educational value in confusing young children, and their memories, about the founding of our country when those foundations are so shaky to begin with?  I mean, besides indulging the wet dream fantasies of the multitude of Marxists who infest our education system?  Is this laying the ground work for great Orwellian Lies to come?  “We have always been at war with Oceania” goes the insidious government lie in Orwell’s “1984”.  Will the New World Order someday insist to future generations that America was never a sovereign nation?  “We were always a part of the North American Union.  The Patriots lost to the British, remember, you learned that in 5th grade?”

Let me just head off those who would argue that it is a lesson designed to have school children “appreciate” what dangers the Founding Fathers braved, or some other apologetic.  Bull Shit, I say!  If that is such a great way to teach history, will any OTHER episode in U.S. history be getting this kind of fantasy treatment?  Will the school children next be asked to imagine that the South won the Civil War, and all the blacks who escaped to the North through the underground railroad were put back in chains and sent to their former owners in the South?  Will they be asked to write newspaper editorials adorned with the Confederate Stars and Bars about how Abraham Lincoln was hung for his treason to States’ Rights?  Somehow, I doubt it, and you do too.  You know very well that the politically correct academy wouldn’t go near such an idea.  But for the Founding Fathers, it’s okay.

Nor do I expect any other fantasy lessons, like how JFK dodged that magic bullet in Dallas, Texas, and went on to complete the audit of the Federal Reserve he had announced weeks before being assassinated (while we’re at it, we can all imagine how they found Fort Knox empty, without an ounce of gold left, and how the Federal Reserve officials were all hung for signing on the American people to foreign debt while devaluing our currency).  Yeah, I don’t see that lesson materializing anytime soon, either, nor the lesson where the school children are asked to imagine the United States was defeated and occupied by the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

This stuff is fine for historical scholars to write “what if” novels about, but it is completely inappropriate when our children need a better foundation in our country’s historical facts, never mind trips into fantasy.


This photo smuggled out from The Blob is part of the same lesson plan.  As you can see, this is in writing and dispels any notion that what was written on the white board might be out of context.  Notice that the focus of the lesson is for our school children to view the actions of the Founding Fathers in terms of TREASON.  What was once taught as heroic patriotism is now taught as treason.  What was once taught as a great leap forward in the cause of human freedom and liberty is now taught as insurrection deserving execution.  Oh, and kids, please dwell on what punishment those traitorous losers deserved to get, if you were a newspaper editor at the time.

Doubtless, the insidious nature of the lesson is also meant to color the views of school children to current events, such as how they should view the TEA Party Movement, which the Obama Administration also routinely likes to label or portray as a treason movement or a terrorist movement.  This is how political propaganda and indoctrination works.

The forces of tyranny are on the march everywhere we look these days.  Freedom of speech is being squelched on the internet, in the universities, and soon those same repugnant speech codes will be rolled out by the government to be imposed on our society at large.  Malicious anti-patriot Common Core is silently trying to make sure that our younger generations will have no inclination or willingness to fight for our freedoms or the Bill of Rights when the Marxist Left moves in this country to take it away from us.

Don’t let it happen.  Closely monitor what your school is teaching your children.  If you can, don’t send your children to public schools.  Home school if you can, and opt your family out of the intellectual control grid that has descended on our nation.