VIA| Hillary Clinton, the woman who is running for president should be in prison tweeted this for Christmas. Isn’t she lovely? “Hillary is definitely the kind of person that will unite the country and help us face many of the difficult times ahead.” — Said no sane person ever.

Meanwhile, compare that to what Ted Cruz tweeted. Quite the contrast.

From the link Ted Cruz Tweeted:

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz released the following statement on Christmas Eve:

“As we prepare to celebrate our Savior’s birth, we thank God for redeeming the whole world through the gift of His Son.

“Even as American families face challenging economic circumstances and as our nation faces threats from those who seek to extinguish our way of life, Christmas reminds us of the unfading hope of the Star of Bethlehem. That same hope illuminates each soul, guides us through uncertainty, and reminds us to share in His everlasting joy.

“America’s grateful and generous spirit is still very much alive throughout our cities and towns. Thousands of families participate in Salvation Army’s annual Angel Tree program, bringing Christmas cheer to children who otherwise may not receive a gift. Wreaths Across America partners with local businesses, volunteers, and organizations to lay memorial wreaths at hundreds of locations – including 230,000 wreaths honoring our fallen heroes at Arlington Cemetery. And communities across the country continue to launch local efforts to serve their neighbors. To take one example, in Cloverdale, Indiana the police department partnered with high school FFA students to host a Christmas celebration, providing gifts to more than 600 children and serving meals to 146 families. These are just a few of the countless acts of charity in our midst.

“Families, churches, and communities continue to bring the light of Christ to our fellow citizens. Heidi and I are grateful for Americans’ generosity, and most of all, we are thankful for God’s willingness to send His Son to us. We pray that during this Christmas season, we remember that little child born in a manger, and we cherish the time we have with family and loved ones to reflect on the blessings the Lord continues to bestow upon us.”

What else do you need to know about who to support in 2016?

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