ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Doctor Francis Boyle, a biological weapons expert who wrote the bio-weapons treaty for the U.S. and the U.N. in the 1990’s, appearing on the Alex Jones Show this week, has identified the Zika virus as a lab created bio weapon.  Boyle stated that the Zika virus is “unquestionably a bio weapon”.  The Zika virus has been deployed in Brazil, South America, but has quickly spread north to Texas and Florida.  As a matter of fact, Florida is now Ground Zero for the Zika virus in the United States.

Vaccines used to always carry in their insert warnings not to take them if you are pregnant, because they were known to cause auto-immune rejection syndrome and birth defects.  These are the same problems that Zika causes.  The specific birth defect caused by Zika are babies born with abnormally small heads.  The virus is viable in the blood stream up to a week, and can therefore be transmitted by mosquito bites, sex, or the sharing of other bodily fluids.  It is as communicable as AIDS.

You may be surprised to hear that the Zika virus was patented long ago.  It was patented by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1947 under the registered trade name ATCC and trade marked as VR-84.  The filing documents by the Rockefeller Foundation listed the origin of the Zika virus as “Blood from experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda 1947”.

The Rockefeller Foundation is the kind of cuddly, warm and fuzzy Bond Villain type of organization that also patented weaponized cancer causing viruses as long ago as the 1920’s.  Uganda has long been a hub of illicit bioweapons laboratories by several shadowy agencies, where illegal human experimentation has been conducted.

Bill Gates, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has been self avowedly involved in the drive to radically lower the global human population.  Gates has developed genetically modified mosquitos for this purpose.  In the past few months, coinciding with the current outbreak of Zika virus, Gates released genetically modified mosquitos in the exact same area of Brazil that is ground zero for the Zika epidemic.


Gates is notorious for giving lectures to world elites where he shows three numbers, one being the human population, and one being levels of carbon dioxide, and pointing to the number of humans as the number that “must be brought down to close to zero”.  When he talks about using vaccines and “healthcare”, he talks about how it can LOWER the population.  WTF?  Only if you are using these things as a cover to poison people.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how an African virus preserved from the 1940’s suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Brazil, and is being spread by mosquitoes.  As to the why, one only need look at the statement of Bill Gates in the preceding paragraph.  What better way to reduce human population than to release a virus that causes horrific birth defects, one that causes governments to advise women to stop having children for the next two years?

Zika wasn’t wreaking this kind of havoc in Africa in the 1940’s.  How does a freeze dried strain suddenly mutate that radically 70 years later?  Only one way:  This strain has been manipulated and weaponized in a lab.

But, wouldn’t you know?  These same companies just happen to be rush developing a Zika Vaccine.  Yes, they were just altruistically spending millions for a vaccine for a disease that was virtually unknown six months ago.  Awfully convenient, isn’t it?  Now these same companies will rake in billions as governments mandate mandatory screening and vaccination programs.  Once they have access to sticking a needle in your arm with an injection, who knows what else they might be tucking into that serum, in order to kick off the next cyclical epidemic scare and scam?  Maybe some equally convenient side effects, like lowered fertility?  That will put a smile on Bill Gates face.

Evil corporations like Monsanto have been spreading known toxins around the world, despite the clear link between their chemicals and damage to humans.  For example, Brazil had one of the lowest levels of breast cancer in the world.  Then twenty years ago they started adopting weed killers like Round Up, which contain glyphosates, and now their rates of breast cancer are skyrocketing.  This effect is not limited to Brazil, of course.  America also has sky high rates of breast cancer, and Round Up has been used in the U.S. for decades as well.  Glyphosates grow the exact kind of tumors associated with breast cancer.  Why haven’t glyphosates been taken off the market?  The political clout of Monsanto and our corrupt political class.