Conservatives Have Created Chaos For Liberal Republicans

ELDER PATRIOT – The latest news emanating from Republican sources in the House about finding a replacement for outgoing Speaker John Boehner is not good. 

Pennsylvania Republican Charlie Dent gave his version of revisionist history with this statement: Leadership has bent over backward to appease conservative members, only to have these members vote against leadership.”

Really Charlie?  Mr. Dent seems to be ignoring the treatment that newly elected house conservatives were greeted with when they first arrived in Washington.  They were told to fall in line or suffer the loss of committee seats, funding for their districts, and anything else Speaker Boehner felt necessary to deprive them of in order to prevent them from fulfilling their campaign promises of conservative governance.

The donor class whose avarice has led us to this point has now started a movement to draft Paul Ryan to replace Mr. Boehner.  For those of us who believe in Republican principles this would be a step backwards from John Boehner’s reign of immorality.

I have been in the presence of Mr. Ryan on two occasions.  The first time was a roundtable discussion with no more than 15 people in attendance.  The second time was in a larger group setting where he made a speech.  My takeaway in both instances was that he didn’t believe a thing he was saying to us.  I left both meetings feeling that Mr. Ryan was a disingenuous person who didn’t have a conservative bone in his body.  I’m not the only one to feel this way.

Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review gives his view of Paul Ryan’s false persona:  “There is nobody in modern politics whose record and true priorities are more divorced from their rhetoric and public perception.”

Here’s hoping the House’s conservative coalition continues their principled stand in rejection of the tyranny of the Republican majority.  May God watch over them.