Constitutional Conservative Brent Bozell Thows In With The Oligarchy Calls For Silencing Trump Advocate Roger Stone

ELDER PATRIOT – Media Research Center President Brent Bozell has adopted the devoutly Leftist position of wanting to silence critics he doesn’t agree with.  He released this statement on MRC affiliated yesterday:


“CNN and MSNBC should be applauded for banning Roger Stone from their airwaves. Stone’s recent threats to intimidate delegates at the Republican Convention by broadcasting their hotel rooms and his long history of incendiary and offensive rhetoric add no value to the national discourse. Agree with them or not, Trump’s surrogates are fine people. But Stone is a thug who relishes personal insults, character assassination, and offensive gestapo-like tactics that should be unequivocally dismissed by civil society, most especially those who might give him a platform from which to spew his hatred.


“The news media have for far too long ignored Stone’s inflammatory words. I hope all media outlets that lament the debasement of political dialogue and the gutter politics for which Stone is infamous follow the lead of CNN and MSNBC. The media should shun him. He is the David Duke of politics. Those with whom he is affiliated should denounce him in no uncertain terms.” 


Bozell has regularly skewered Democrats for suggesting the silencing of their conservative opponents.  From climate change to the use of terms such as homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigot, sexist, and misogynistic to stifle debate from conservatives, Bozell has been one of the loudest, most outspoken and most strident critics of such tactics.  Now that his chosen candidate is under fire he has become a hypocrite.


Bozell had previously contributed to the National Review’s “Trash Trump” edition. In his article he endorsed Ted Cruz who can now only win the nomination through backroom deals negotiated among Bozell’s friends.  This is where his distaste for Roger Stone comes into play.


Stone has been a long-time Trump confidant and advisor.  He also knows how the highly manicured set goes about its business and he wants none of it.  In this way Stone is more like the guy sitting on the barstool next to you – cut the bullshit and lets get down to it.  To this end, Stone is in the process of organizing five million Trump supporters to be present outside of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland that is the site of the Republican National Convention.


Stone has been clear that it is to be a peaceful protest with only two intents.  First, and most important, to remind the delegates just how overwhelming the support is for Donald Trump.  I was part of a group of business owners that accomplished something similar – with only a hundred people – in Trenton when we were expected lose that vote 2-1.  Our presence turned the tide and we won.  If that’s what Bozell calls intimidation then that goes a long way towards explaining why Republicans always lose.


Second, an overwhelming show of support for Trump will serve to counter the optics of the Soros-Hillary backed agitators that are certain to be there to create civil unrest in order to steal the headlines.


For this Bozell would deny Stone access to the airwaves.  Why?  Even the Raza-BLM Soros-funded agitators didn’t get this treatment from Bozell.


The common link is Donald Trump. Agitators against Trump, helps his buddy Cruz.  Defenders of Trump, threatens Cruz.


Bozell’s willingness to lead his followers to the sacrificial alter of the Republican Elites exemplifies everything we are fighting to defeat.  Do not trust this hypocrite.