VIA| Law professors just provided the best news that Donald Trump could ask for. If he wins presidency, then it’s constitutionally OK for Trump to ban Muslims.

“The statutes are clear: immigration is different from all other aspects of the law,” Ting said. “The Supreme Court has ruled we can enact laws against foreign nationals that would not be permissible to apply to citizens. The courts historically have no role in these decisions.”

If a President Trump was able to enact his Muslim moratorium, Ting said that “it’s unlikely for the [Supreme] Court to reverse 100 years of legal history and overturn it. It would be giving foreign nationals civil and constitutional rights to do so.”

Of course the left and liberals will be the first people to call Donald Trump racist if he enacts a Muslim ban until terrorism slows to a crawl or goes away. But those same hypocritical buffoons have no problem watching France shut its borders and raid mosques.

Anything done in the matter of national security should be warmly welcomed by all Americans.