CPAC 2016 Exposed

ELDER PATRIOT – Nothing as it seems any longer.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held a straw poll yesterday at the conclusion of their meetings.  Ted Crux, as expected, won.  What was startling was the fact that Cruz only garnered the votes of 40% of the attendees.  It’s almost unfathomable that Cruz didn’t receive all of the votes, or in the least somewhere north of 85% considering the crowd he was competing against. 

Perhaps even more shocking was Marco Rubio gaining 30% of the vote.

If 60% of self-identified conservatives don’t recognize Cruz as the embodiment of conservatism where is going for his support and what is the new definition of conservatism?

Then there’s Marco Rubio who embodies everything that voters find wrong with their party – at least conservative voters do – yet he got nearly a third of their votes and only one voter in seven less than Cruz managed.

As with virtually every politically oriented organization that has grown up around both major political parties, CPAC’s original mission has been subverted by the elite who rule over us.  This may be a harsh statement but nothing coming out of CPAC 2016 puts a lie to it.