ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Get ready for the next level in online porn:  A game controller that is designed to allow men to have simulated sex with online vixens.  The new game controller is called the “Virtuadoll”, and it is being designed by American company Eos.  The controller consists of a silicon vagina with two hand grips and buttons on the sides.

Eos promises a 3D experience, with the use of Virtual Reality goggles, and the ability to be pleasured by the controller, which will respond in sync to onscreen eroticism.  This would allow users to feel pulsations corresponding to live action porn actresses, or anime characters.

So many backers have rushed to pre-order the VirtuaDoll that Eos was forced to suspend its crowd funding drive in order to “retool” for a larger production run, and to hire key development personnel.  Eos has raised $7,000.00 out of its target of $20,000.00 in just 5 days.  Personally, that sounds like a pitifully small figure to develop a revolutionary hardware and software device, but we shall see.


The VirtuaDoll is planned to ship with its own game title called “Girls of Arcadia”, in which gamers have to rescue a damsel in distress from a demon’s dungeon lair.  For those players who are impatient to “get busy”, there is a sim mode that allows players to skip the rescue and go right to the online simulated sex.


An Eos promotional video promises to “take adult gaming to the next level” and to deliver a game controller that will have “several innovative features which create a mind blowing experience”.  Well, that’s certainly an interesting way to phrase it.  Among the promised novel features, Eos says its controller will have a “programmable pressure gripper”, which can vary the tightness of the simulated vagina (or other orifices?) and a “stroke motion” with variable speed.  The device will support Oculus Rift.

One can already start to imagine the sorts of product liability lawsuits that might result.  No word yet on whether the lube will be sold separately.

The development of this sort of entertainment software and hardware should surprise no one.  The porn industry, whatever else you may think of it, has been a technology leader for decades, from the use of video recorders, to interactive DVD’s, to online skyping.  I fully expect the porn industry to fund the development of Virtual Reality technology as well.

This is also the first baby step towards the Holy Grail of the MGTOW movement.  Readers are encouraged to look in my Archive for my prior multi-part series on this men’s movement.  Briefly, MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way, and this refers to men refusing to follow the conventional life path of marriage and family.  Why?  Divorce laws turn marriage into a financial “rape roulette” for men, and many are now saying they aren’t going to play that game anymore.  The popular “vision” is for technology to deliver to these disaffected men a robot woman who will be their perfect, and perfectly safe, life companion.  While I have no way of knowing for sure, I would bet that a significant number of the VirtuaDoll backers are adherents of MGTOW.

Women should not be so quick to condemn or look down on men buying into the VirtuaDoll; a VirtuaDoll for women has been around for decades.  They’re called vibrators.