Crucial Questions From a Patriot

ELDER PATRIOT- Am I the only one or do you ever ask yourself these questions:


Why is it that our elected leaders force American citizens into being x-rayed, possibly followed by a pat down and luggage search, when they want to leave the country but they are unconcerned about the steady stream of unchecked aliens coming intoour country?  Do they really think this is the best way to protect Americans?


Why is it immoral and illegal for someone to take money from me against my will, and immoral and illegal for a group of people to take money from me against my will, but perfectly moral and legal to take that same money from me by taxing me?


Is it paranoid to wonder what the government has planned when it buys 1.8 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and then moves to ban private ownership of body armor?


How do politicians have the gall to write laws outlawing insider trading for the rest of us but permitting insider trading for themselves?


Why is it that moral standards for electability apply only to Conservatives?


Could there possibly be a positive end game to $18 trillion in debt?


Why American voters keep returning the same financially irresponsible people to Congress year after year?


Are there any serious people who think healthcare will actually be cheaper and more available when run by the government?


Why was it that Ken Lay and Ken Schilling were prosecuted for running the same retirement scheme as our leaders in Washington?


How is it that the most scandalous woman in American history is the Democrat Party’s frontrunner?


Why does leadership think a nuclear Iran is okay but armed American citizens isn’t?


How is it that the Supreme Court doesn’t see any violation of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy when the NSA records every communication we make but sees an absolute right to privacy when a woman wants to kill her baby?


How does the Secular Left reconcile its absolute protection of the snail darter with its absolute support of the abortion of unborn humans during all nine months of pregnancy?


Who’s more despicable, those who work hard and make a lot of money but don’t want to share it, or those who have passed on life’s obligations and now want others to pay their way?


Are there three men anywhere in the world more threatening to the freedom of Americans than Barack Obama, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell?