Cruz Sells Out To The Establishment In Selfish Attempt To Overtake Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz accused Donald Trump’s supporters of “hav[ing] relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and they see him as an angry voice. Where we are beating him is when voters’ get more engaged and they get more informed.”

Really, Ted?  We know a lot more than you think.  For example your latest endorsement has come from Neil Bush.  He’s now a member of your national finance team.  Here’s what one low-information Trump supporter knows:

“According to an investigation conducted by the US Office of Thrift Supervision, Neil Bush illegally engaged in “breaches of his fiduciary duties involving multiple conflicts of interest” that led to the downfall of the institution.

The savings and loan crisis ultimately cost the American taxpayers over a trillion dollars.

Neil avoided going to prison for his role in the scandal. The boss of Silverado S&L, however, was not so lucky. Michael Wise was sentenced to three and a half years in the Federal prison at Leavenworth after pleading guilty to stealing nearly $9 million from investors.

George Bush, Sr. and Jeb were also implicated in the scandal.” – Kurt Nimmo, Infowars

You are known by the company you keep, Ted.

Cruz went on to impugn Trump because as a businessman he made political contributions to candidates on both sides of the aisle (although Cruz only ran off a list of liberal Democrats:)

“When they inform themselves, they realize his record. He’s what they’re angry at. He is the corruption, and if you want someone to stand up to Washington, the only one who has been doing so in this race is me.”

Here’s a question for you Ted, “Who’s more corrupt the person who contributes looking to curry favor or the politician who accepts that money knowing there’s an expectation attached to it?  That’ll be a hard question for you to answer since you’ve already accepted over $104 million dollars over the course of this campaign so far and Trump has accepted…ZERO.  That’s a whole lotta favors you owe Teddy boy.

So Ted, put a sock in it.  You went on to say during the interview, “if you’re angry at the corruption of Washington, you don’t solve it by supporting someone who has been enmeshed in the Washington corruption for forty years.”

Exactly, Ted.  When the National Review published that hit piece on Trump in which they all endorsed you, I knew Trump had hit a nerve with the Elites.  You see, this low-info guy has spent many hours in the company of a number of those literary assassins and I’ve learned one thing from my time with them – they all drink from the same poisoned well.  And now with the Bushes being welcomed into your campaign it’s clear that you do are prepared to refresh yourself from that same well.