Cruz’s Campaign Manager Tells Trump To Drop Out

ELDER PATRIOT – Ted Cruz’s campaign is so desperate to find a path to the nomination that they’ve asked the runaway delegate leader to drop out.  This actually happened yesterday when Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe called for Donald Trump to drop out if he couldn’t garner a majority of the votes in New York State.


During an interview on ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” Roe threw down this challenge to Trump, “If he doesn’t get over 50 percent, he should probably consider dropping out, like everyone else has when they don’t win their home state in a dramatic fashion.”


C’mon Jeff, your candidate only garnered 44% of the vote in Texas where he has control over the entire grassroots electoral machine.  Why didn’t he drop out at that time?  Even John Kasich won a larger percentage of the votes (47%) in his home state of Ohio.


Trump ran second in Ohio finishing only 11 percentage points behind Kasich.  Cruz finished 34 percentage points behind Kasich in that same contest.  Ohio is a state that Republicans must win to secure the White House.


Turning back to New York, Trump currently leads Cruz in the Real Clear Politics average of all polls 53% to 18.6%.  Even if Cruz is successful in grabbing a few outlying upstate counties, Trump is on track to leave New York with a bigger delegate advantage than Cruz left his home state of Texas with.  Texas (155) has 60 more delegates than New York (95) does so that would reflect far greater dominance in New York by Trump than Cruz was able to command in Texas.  That’s fairly remarkable since Trump has none of the ground game network in New York that Cruz had as an establishment Texas Republican.


When the dust clears in New York, Senator Cruz will have performed the poorest that any of the three candidates performed in their home states.  He also will have finished a very distant third in the other two primaries.


Trump should throw this challenge out to Cruz, if he gets over 50% of the vote Cruz should drop out since Cruz will be left with no path to 1237.  If Cruz isn’t willing to do that perhaps he would at least admit that by staying in the race he is joining with his establishment partners in an attempt to deny the will of the voters.