Dad Starts to Walk His Daughter Down Aisle. He SUDDENLY STOPS & Takes the Hand of VERY STUNNED MAN

VIA| It’s a bittersweet moment for any father to give his daughter away on her wedding day, and it’s a moment that will live with the two of them forever.

And as Todd Bachman prepared to walk his daughter, Brittany, down the aisle on Saturday, he knew one other person had to be involved. Her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky.


Photographer Delia D Blackburn captured the unexpected moment as Todd B. stopped the ceremony to reach for Todd C.’s hand.


Together, they walked their daughter down the aisle, as guests cried at the beautiful scene.


Delia, a stepparent herself, writes on her Facebook page that the “pure emotion” of the moment still gives her goosebumps.


But it was when she walked over to Todd B. to commend him on his selflessness, did his simple response really hit home.

“He has helped me raise my daughter and he should be walking with us.”

IJ has reached out for comment from Todd B., but has not yet received a response.

A beautiful sentiment, indeed.