DEAF MOM Sits Down For An Interview. Now WATCH What ELLEN DOES ON-AIR!

VIA| Sarah is the mother of two young children. And up until recently, she was completely deaf. Sarah was born with DNA that caused the hairs in her middle ears to keep from forming.

In the video below, Ellen talks with Sarah just eight days after she received her very first hearing device. For the first time in 34 years, Sarah has heard things she’s never heard before, from the sound of her children’s voices to her husband’s loud snoring. The procedure that allows Sarah to hear costs $30,000 per ear, and so far she only has one implant.

Since Sarah and her husband haven’t been able to afford it on their own, Sarah’s mother-in-law, Lari, did something incredible. She cashed in her retirement savings to pay for Sarah’s hearing device — not covered by insurance — out of her own pocket.

Ellen was so touched by Lari’s selfless act of kindness that she decided to invite the entire family on her show. Now, Ellen has a huge surprise for them. She teamed up with the company that supplied Sarah with her original implant… but you have to watch the video to see the surprise for yourself :)

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