Dear President Obama, THIS Is How You FIGHT Terrorism…

VIA| I love to share the profound maxim of one retired U.S. Marine Corps 1STSGT Jim “Finger” Reifinger, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s all because your tactics suck.” Folks, that’s what fighting’s all about: finding and exploiting your enemy’s gaps and weaknesses. Letting the enemy know you won’t adhere to any self-inflicted stupid rules, but will leverage any advantage in order to achieve victory. Now, I’m not talking about cheating or doing anything criminal — cause I know what you liberal progressives think. Rather, it’s about using every tactic in the book as part of deception, demonstration and feint — and a little psychological trickery.

As a Commander in Iraq, I knew that HUMINT (human intelligence) was vital. Our battalion came up with a tactic, and we used captured local vehicles and dressed some of our soldiers in local garb in order to gain intel before we launched an operation. We did this about two or three times and always made sure we had a reaction force close, and that our covert Scout team had good radio comms.

Remember, if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. Well, it seems that premise and maxim was just used by another force.

Reported over at FrontPage Magazine:

Israeli forces disguised as Muslims pursued a wounded Hamas terrorist to a Hebron hospital in Hamas controlled territory. They came in dressed as a local Arab clan escorting a pregnant woman, entered the terrorist’s room, grabbed him, shoved him in a wheelchair, shot his brother when he attacked them, and got out of the hospital in a manner of minutes.  

Let me just put it plainly, doggone guys, that was ballsy, and a big-time hats off and hearty Hooah on that operation. The message that it sends is that if you are an islamic terrorist that has conducted or planned operations against Israeli citizens they are coming for you.

Watch the video yourself of what really took place in that hospital corridor.

Who was it they went after?

IDF troops, with assistance from Border Police and the Israel Security Agency, arrested overnight Wednesday a Hamas terrorist who is suspected of involvement in the stabbing attack near Meitzad in Gush Etzion two weeks ago. 

Israel Ben Aharon, 58, suffered head injuries and was stabbed in the chest during the attack, but he managed to save himself by fighting off his attacker. 

In the combined rock throwing and stabbing attack, Ben Aharon stopped his car and got out to examine the damage, when he was stabbed by Azzam Azat Shabadan Shalaldeh, a 20-year-old resident of Sa’ir. 

Ben Aharon managed to shoot his attacker – a known Hamas terrorist – but Shalaldeh escaped. 

He then apparently traveled to the Alhali Hospital in Hevron for treatment; troops discovered the terrorist was there on Wednesday night, and promptly conducted an undercover raid at the hospital to arrest him. 

He was transferred to the ISA for questioning, and will be charged with attempted murder and other crimes. The terrorist’s cousin was killed during the operation after he resisted arrest, officials said. 

According to the Israel Security Agency, Shalaldeh is “from a family of Hamas terrorists.” 

In a statement, the IDF, Border Police and ISA said that they would bring to justice all terrorists, no matter where they were hiding. “The security establishment will not permit the existence of any hiding place for terrorists, and we will reach and arrest all terrorists no matter where they are.”

So, just to make sure y’all understand, Hamas is a designated Islamic terrorist group — maybe not so much to President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. What a message to send to these Islamic terrorists — we ain’t playing fair. There’s no hiding place, nowhere to run and if you do run, you’ll only die tired. Boy howdy, don’t you think this is the type of action that should be championed and applauded?

Nah, not by the liberal progressive media. Here are examples of outraged media headlines:

Israeli Hospital Raid in West Bank Angers Palestinians (New York Times)

Undercover Israeli troops raid hospital, kill Palestinian (Reuters) 

Palestinian Killed in Israeli Raid on Hebron Hospital (Haaretz)

Now, just ask yourself, when Islamic terrorists dress up as women and commit terrorist attacks, where’s the media outrage? When Islamic terrorists attack girls, does the media outrage last past a 24-hour cycle? Nah, they just don’t like it when we schwack the enemy — and use tactics that don’t resemble a fair fight.

Remember the insidious demand by a U.N. representative who felt it was not fair Israel had the Iron Dome system and that it should share it with the Hamas terrorists who run Gaza? Yes, there are folks who are just that “stuck on stupid.” We’re fighting against non-state, non-uniform belligerents, unlawful enemy combatants — they have no rights other than the right to be found and killed. They have no right to trial if captured on the battlefield, and guess what, wherever we are is what they deem the battlefield. And as long as we have slack-jawed wimp wussies trying to run the show and fight fair, we give them the upper hand. No more ROE (Rules of Engagement) that enable the enemy to have the initiative.

The IDF is to be commended and the people in Israel, heck, all across the world, should be proud of this bold and daring action. The British SAS has as its motto, “Who Dares Wins.” Let us find leaders who will dare to win — not find solace in believing we can make these barbaric savages like us if we shut down GITMO. Message sent, you hide or harbor the enemy; we’re coming for you.

We have a year here in America to find someone who will deliver that message — not this Punky Brewster crap about “We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”  And y’all know who said that.