Debates: The Ruling Class’ Last Chance to Resurrect Their Establishment Tools

ELDER PATRIOT – I have come to the conclusion that what passes for political debates these days are just orchestrations by the Ruling Elite to use the overly lengthy process to resurrect the same tired and corrupted candidates, who otherwise would not withstand serious scrutiny into their voting records, into freshly repackaged and acceptable leaders.

We have witnessed the ridiculous inquiries by so-called moderators who lead the questioning only where their corporate puppet masters desire.  This debate cycle has an added dimension, use the questions in an attempt to diminish Donald Trump.


To his credit Donald Trump has said “no more.”  The pundits tell us this is the critical mistake they’ve been waiting for from Mr. Trump.  That remains to be seen.

To this observer the process has dragged on too long already.  Even March Madness whittles itself down from sixty-eight to sixteen teams in a single week and crowns a champion in less than a month.  Just like Robert Morris and Coastal Carolina does anyone believe that Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, or Jeb Bush still have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning the nomination by way of the primary process?

If the debate process were intended to truly differentiate between the candidates in an honest and unquestioned manner in order to help the voters decide it would feature two candidates per debate going head-to-head and asking questions of each other without time limits. 


Wouldn’t it be refreshing and informative to hear an uninterrupted exchange between Trump and Rubio about the economic and security threats of unfettered immigration, or Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz wrangling over the same question in the semi-finals? 

The current format has become insipid and has given too much power to moderators who, more often than not, are following an agenda that demands they ask only questions that their corporate puppet masters approve of.  The process often leaves “outsiders” with little airtime to make their case allowing the establishment candidates to defend their failed policies long enough to make them sound reasonable again.

Trump has taken a gamble by walking away from tomorrow’s Fox News debate.  Trump has rightly noted that both he and our country have no time for political correctness.  And, he certainly doesn’t need tomorrow’s debate platform to help him craft or build his image. 

So far all of Trump’s unconventional campaign ploys have inured to his benefit.  He may be correct that the people will continue to support him because they’re sick of everyone else with an “R” after their name.  As much as I admire his bravado, his larger than life presence is something he should take every opportunity to flaunt.