Delusional Establishment Republicans

ELDER PATRIOT – While attempting to defend deposed House Speaker John Boehner in an op-ed in The New York Times yesterday Eric Cantor displayed the same arrogance and delusional thought that led the voters of Virginia’s 7th congressional district to oust him during the 2014 Republican primary.  At that time the crybaby loser resigned his position as House Majority Leader and then his congressional seat early.

In what amounts to a rant against the right wing of his party, Cantor blames talk radio and the conservative members of his own party for Boehner’s resignation.  His contention is that they have been too strident in their desire to stop the runaway train that is the Obama administration simply because they were powerless to do so. How Mr. Cantor can ignore the facts that contest his conclusion doesn’t speak well for the former congressman’s basis in reality.

Mr. Cantor opined:

“[S]omewhere along the road, a number of voices on the right began demanding that the Republican Congress not only block Mr. Obama’s agenda but enact a reversal of his policies. They took to the airwaves and the Internet and pronounced that congressional Republicans could undo the president’s agenda — with him still in office, mind you — and enact into law a conservative vision for government, without compromise.

Strangely, according to these voices, the only reason that was not occurring had nothing to do with the fact that the president was unlikely to repeal his own laws, or that under the Constitution, absent the assent of the president or two-thirds of both houses of Congress, you cannot make law. The problem was a lack of will on the part of congressional Republican leaders.”

Fair enough Mr. Cantor but you and your party can’t have it both ways.  If Obama really is the anti-Christ as you and your party have spent the past seven years claiming then you have a moral and fiduciary obligation to the people who elected you to do everything in your power to stop his runaway agenda.  That includes shutting down the government if that’s what it takes.

Instead, the Republican House under your leadership delivered the votes whenever President Obama needed it.  Your revisionist recall of recent history discounts how you sanctioned the formation of groups like the Republican Main Street Partnership whose sole purpose is to determine which Republican house members could vote for Obama’s initiatives while suffering the least electoral damage in their home districts.

The overwhelming House Republicans’ support in passing the National Defense Authorization Act, again under your leadership, was appalling to those of us who still believe in the Bill of Rights.  You had the power to stop it yet you chose to give whoever holds the power of the executive branch dictatorial powers over the American people.

Likewise, stopping the profligate spending of this administration (and of Bush’s administration before this,) was well within the House’s Constitutional power and obligation to the people who elected them. 

The sad truth Mr. Cantor is you can’t point to a single victory of any significance in stonewalling the Obama agenda and many times you helped Mr. Boehner deliver

the votes Obama needed when it was difficult to do.

Mr. Cantor, if you don’t believe Obama’s policies to be grossly detrimental to the people of a free republic why does every Republican candidate rail against those policies while expounding upon their own conservative bona fides during the party’s primary season promising a balanced budget and repeal of Obamacare among many other promises you now admit you had no intention of keeping? 

The emergence of Donald Trump and anybody else but your party’s establishment candidates, despite your incredible funding advantage, clearly illustrates that Conservatism can win and that the people are no longer buying the lies that you and your fellow establishment Republicans have been selling.

Much like they did in electing Ronald Reagan the people will force your “pragmatic” form of governing aside and elect a person who better represents their interests and not those of international bankers and corporations.  And, much like Ronald Reagan showed us, America will be great again.