Democratic Debate RECAP: Exposes Hillary Clinton as Out of Touch

ELDER PATRIOT – I’ve been calling for gutting the Republican Party because of their willingness to grow government by in-comprehensive leaps lacking, both, wisdom and any semblance of fiscal responsibility without regard to the damage that was being done to the shrinking middle class.  The candidates at last night’s Democratic debate left the Republicans looking like the Founding Fathers.

Held on the Saturday night before Christmas at the same time as the NFL and college football bowls games were being played it’s obvious the Democratic National Committee leadership wasn’t looking for a broad audience.  Barely 8.5 million sycophants tuned in to watch the candidates justify the marginalization of our Judeo-Christian heritage, the end of U.S. sovereignty, the continued financial rape of what’s left of the middle class, and gun confiscation.

It’s time to dismiss Bernie Sanders as anything more than the old guy at Starbucks who has no clue how the real world works but is full of answers about how to fix it.

If you’re wondering why Martin O’Malley was even on the stage last night, join the club.  It must’ve been to add a bit of youthful vibrancy to what otherwise could’ve been mistaken for bingo night at the Villages in Florida.  Of course, any time that the cameras were focused on O’Malley they weren’t on the party’s grand old hag.

Which brings us to Hillary Clinton who is the unchallenged Democratic frontrunner despite sixty percent of the party’s rank and file believing she’s untrustworthy.  That’s an interesting juxtaposition for liberal voters who embrace the politics of personal destruction when it’s used to dismiss Republicans no matter how liberal that Republican’s voting record may be.

Mrs. Clinton appears to have finally settled on her campaign strategy.  She has decided to become Obama II, only on steroids.  Her decision to double down on his failed strategies indicates that she’s been unsuccessful at holding even his dwindling base of support. 

She wasted no time staking out that position.  In her opening statement she claimed that the country was safer, the economy was growing and Obamacare was indicative of the progress “we have made,” and that she would continue Obama’s current policies and expand them. 

That’s going to be a hard sell in a general election following the revelations that the Muslim immigrants coming into our country haven’t been vetted and the FBI’s admission to being overwhelmed tracking those they have identified so far.  Likewise, the large numbers of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed are unlikely to be buying hope and change this time around.  Obamacare remains overwhelmingly unpopular with Americans.

As the debate rolled on Mrs. Clinton continued staking out positions that have become increasingly unpopular with the majority of Americans but are important to the Democrat’s liberal base voters who she is still trying to secure.

When asked about gun control Hillary avoided repeating her previously stated position in favor of gun confiscation instead opting to claim that “guns will not make us safer” and that building coalitions with the Muslim-American community is our “first line of defense.”  Seriously, Mrs. Clinton expects you to call a Muslim friend if you find yourself in the midst of a terrorist attack.  It seems that Hillary has the Muslim community confused with the police.  The police give you one phone call.  I’m fairly certain terrorists do not.

Mrs. Clinton’s response to being asked if she agrees with Donald Trump’s strategy to temporarily stop the inflow of Muslim immigrants was that Trump has become ISIS’s best recruiter.  She avoided discussing how she was ISIS’s top financier.  Syrian refugees?  Keep ‘em coming.  No improvement in vetting necessary!

Clinton later said she would not be in favor of tech companies being forced to give law enforcement the tools necessary to break the encrypted messages of known terrorists.  For a lawyer who is supposedly the smartest woman in the world her answer was absurd.  Courts have long balanced privacy rights with the need for law enforcement to effectively conduct an investigation for the public safety.  That’s what warrants are for. 

Mrs. Clinton expressed a desire to destroy ISIS but when pressed on whether she’d commit ground forces if necessary she punted calling it a “false choice.”  It’s as though she wants terrorism to be successful.

When Muir asked about Mrs. Clinton’s picture adorning the cover of Fortune Magazine in 2008 with the headline “Business Loves Hillary,” she responded by saying everyone should love her.  Unable to discount her role in the growth of crony capitalism she instead attacked the Republicans.  That should resonate with the boneheads still considering supporting her.

During questioning about what’s wrong with Obamacare Mrs. Clinton claimed that it is a success and blamed the skyrocketing costs because “we don’t have enough competition.”  She never explained how she was going to increase competition that, of course, would be impossible while serving her corporate mega-donors who only want less competition not more. 

Mrs. Clinton also promised free college tuition without telling us how it would be paid for, refused to admit any responsibility regarding the wars raging in the Middle East and Libya in particular even though she was Secretary of State, and said of the spoiled brats and militant agitators of Black Lives Matter “we need to hear the voices of those men and women and boys and girls who feel like strangers in their own country.”  Mrs. Clinton didn’t address the 58% of American taxpayers who feel as though they’ve been made strangers in this country.

Her closing statement addressed the incoming president, “if heaven forbid, that President is a Republican, we will know what will happen. A lot of the rights that have been won over years from women’s rights to voter rights to gay rights to worker rights will be at risk. Social Security, which Republicans call a Ponzi scheme, may face privatization. Our vets may see the VA hospital which needs to be improved and made better for them turned over to privatization. Planned Parenthood will be defunded. The list goes on because the difference are so stark.”

Fear is the currency that Mrs. Clinton trades in.  George Bush was president for eight years and I’m unaware of any rights that were “rolled back.”  The same was true for Ronald Reagan. 

Mrs. Clinton’s reference to workers’ rights is laughable.  There are no worker rights for those who don’t have jobs, an unemployment situation that her embrace of Obama’s economic policies will only make worse. 

Mrs. Clinton knows full well that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and that had young workers been vested in the stock market by the time they retired they’d have been millionaires with money they owned and that could be passed on to their heirs upon their death as is the case in Chile. 

Mrs. Clinton’s concerns about the Veterans Administration is an abomination because she has consistently invoked the problems that exist in that beauracracy and just as consistently done nothing about it since she first came to Washington in 1993.  Twenty-two years of doing nothing should prove she doesn’t care about veterans anymore than she cared about them when they were in active duty.  Her disdain for the officers assigned to the White House while she was First Lady has been well documented.

And, as far as funding Planned Parenthood, 58% of Americans are against abortion in all cases and that number grows significantly when the government forcing people to pay for it against their conscience or religious beliefs is factored in.

Mrs. Clinton is so out of touch with regular Americans that one is forced to consider if she represents a new breed of politician that doesn’t give a sh*t what the people think as long as her Globalist – Corporate – Banker donors are happy.