ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The DemocRats have made another unintended admission of how weak and ill Hillary is by coming up with an unheard of, truncated “debate” format.  The “debate” will not have Hillary and Trump on the same stage at the same time.  Hillary is too afraid of having to deal with a spontaneous remark by Trump, and has therefore come up with a format that makes it a non-debate. 

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Instead of having a standard two hour debate, the time has been reduced to one hour, meaning that Hillary will only have to be on stage, by herself, for 30 minutes.


Oh yeah, and the real kicker:  The Moderator will be Matt Lauer, a member in good standing of the Palace Guard Media, and a person who has ties to the Clinton Foundation.  You can be sure that Hillary will be slipped the questions ahead of time.  You can also be sure that Hillary will get served up cream puff questions while Lauer savages Trump with questions designed to make him look bad.

According to, Hillary had a brain tumor removed three years ago, and now that tumor is growing back.  That would explain why Hillary looks more and more like a walking corpse that is not long for this Earth.  Whether or not Hillary actually lives to election day, voters should know that Tim Kaine will be the real president if the DemocRats win.

Trump should demand a real debate and insist on a neutral Moderator and that Hillary face him on the same stage and answer the same questions.

Democrats once boasted that they were happy to run against Donald Trump, but when the rubber meets the road, the ‘Rats are running scarred and erecting walls around their crooked, dying candidate.