Democrats’ Desperation on Display

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, left, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Martin O'Malley participate in a Democratic presidential primary debate, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

ELDER PATRIOT – The Democrats’ desperation is becoming more obvious everyday.  Friday’s terrorist attack that flies in the face of their open immigration policies and that left Paris reeling may be the final nail in the coffin of their now discredited stance on virtually every aspect of governing a free society.

First, it was the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore that changed no one’s mind about the propriety of police actions in these cities but exposed the tired arguments that they used to try to justify the unrest but that have long since been disavowed in the minds of most Americans.

Next came the revelation that the Pentagon was paying NFL and MLB teams to show their patriotism by honoring military members prior to games.  The majority of Americans see this as a transparent attempt to disguise the administration’s disgust of the military that has been evident to the people throughout this administration:

The mistreatment of our veterans

The unnecessary exposure of Seal Team 6 that was followed by their unexplained suicide mission

The purging of highly respected military generals and their replacement with leadership content to continue the Democrats’ movement to turn the military into a social experiment

Their rudderless mission in the Middle East that has not advanced our interests in any manner but that has cost us men that cannot be replaced and materiel that has not been replaced

The announcement that we’re sending fifty special operations officers into Syria that even party apparatchik Diane Feinstein was forced to admit will accomplish nothing unless the goal is to further denude our military of their finest warriors.

The French flying alongside the Russians in striking at the heart of ISIS while we abrogate all pretense of leadership

The people now realize the Democrats are incapable of defending the country or, worse, don’t want to.

Then there’s the report from “Politico” that many of the party’s biggest donors are meeting with leaders of the quasi-terrorist organization “Black Lives Matter” to discuss funding the fomenting of racial unrest through their inaptly named “Democracy Alliance.”  This is another sign of desperation that can serve only to disrupt and not to accomplish anything positive for our larger society.

Now, Paul Sperry of the New York Post has published an investigative report that exposes the Democrats’ use of your tax dollars to fund an army of community organizers by, “training and cloning an army of social justice bullies to carry on his (Obama’s) revolution to ‘fundamentally transform America.’ He’s doing it mainly through a little-known but well funded group called Organizing for Action, or OFA, which will outlast his administration.  OFA has trained more than 10,000 leftist organizers, who, in turn, are training more than 2 million youths in Alinsky street tactics.

The leftist group, which recently registered as a 501c4 nonprofit eligible for unlimited contributions, holds regular ‘organizing summits’ on college campuses.

Through social media, they mobilize flash mobs against ‘biased cops,’ ‘climate-change deniers,’ ‘Wall Street predators’ and ‘gun extremists.’ They hold rallies against conservative foes of gay marriage, LGBT rights, abortion and amnesty for illegal immigrants.” – New York Post

This is only one of a number of a number of federally funded projects including Americorps (that have been turned into junior agitators) and My Brother’s Keeper (the Democrats racial justice initiative) that the Democrats have turned into a force for division.

Frankly the strategies that the Democrats and their donors have decided to follow has more similarities with a child facing losing a board game who throws a temper tantrum and shoves all of the pieces off the board, than adults trying to govern in an orderly manner.  If they can’t win, which their internal polling is showing is increasingly unlikely they are intent on leaving things a mess for their successors. 

Finally there was last night’s debate that had the Democrats’ candidates sounding out of touch with reality by doubling down on their desire to keep our borders open.  There they were on stage denying what was the root cause of the horrific attacks on the French people only a day earlier. Even more damning was the low ratings that the debate garnered showing just how disinterested the American people are in a tired old battle axe that has convinced the people she is a liar and can’t be trusted, a burnt out socialist who is better suited to be at the end of his teaching career, or the other candidate because he wouldn’t be appearing bare-chested and otherwise has nothing to say of interest.  If these three miscreants are the best the Democrats have on their bench they are truly in a bad way.

These are desperate times for the Democrats.