Democrats Welcome In The Era Of An American Banana Republic

ELDER PATRIOT – As the Democratic Party’s nominating process has begun unfolding the party’s penchant towards embracing a disturbing lack of democracy has emerged.

After the dust cleared from Tuesday night’s New Hampshire Democrat primary two immutable facts stood in direct conflict with each other…and with the very concept of a Democratic Republic. 

After two primaries the voters have overwhelmingly supported Bernie Sanders with fifty-seven percent of the vote.  This margin represents landslide proportions:


In direct conflict with Sanders’ overwhelming acceptance by the voters, Mrs. Clinton leaves New Hampshire and heads to South Carolina ahead in the battle for delegates 38-36.  The Democratic Party’s nominating process would make Vladimir Putin proud:


This is due to the awarding of superdelegates that gives the entrenched party apparatchiks a vast amount of control over the nominating process.  There are 747 superdelegates controlled by the party this year.  That’s fully 17% of the total delegates (5083) to be awarded.  As of today Hillary “owns” 410 superdelegates to Sanders 14, a whopping 94% difference giving Mrs. Clinton a structural advantage that will be almost impossible to overcome. 


Under current party rules where all delegates that are in play are awarded proportionally, Hillary Clinton could lose every primary decisively and still become the party nominee.  Still think those 900 FBI files of every Democrat in decision-making positions that Hillary had in her possession was just a mistake? 

There is very little pretense of representative governance in the process the Democratic Party’s powerbrokers has put in place.  This is all about using their rank and file’s sycophantic stupidity against them and marching all of us down the road to serfdom.

The Democratic Party has long stood for open borders and welcoming as many immigrants from third world countries as they could marshal into our country in an effort to insure electoral victory for their party.  Now, as they reject an open electoral process, it’s becoming clear that the electoral victories they have laid the foundations for are a very narrowly defined group of New World Order advocates that favor Globalist control over our country.