Destruction of Trump and Cruz Has Begun The Establishment Always Wins

The spat that has erupted between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that began with each man defending his wife that and should’ve ended there has instead been stoked by the establishment into a full-blown war intended to sink both candidates’ hopes for the nomination and to put an end to the peoples’ hopes of dismantling the oligarchy that rules over us.

If we believe the denials of both men, then they had nothing to do with either the Facebook ad that ignited this version of “Family Feud” nor the National Enquirer’s claim that Senator Cruz has more in common with Bill Clinton than Mr. Cruz would like to acknowledge.

If neither of them were lying to us, then the only thing either is guilty of, aside from reflexively rushing to the defense of their wives, is falling into a trap that the establishment set for them.

This whole unfortunate affair began when self-proclaimed Republican “operative” Liz Mair used her Super PAC to fund the tasteless Facebook ad that featured Melania Trump in a revealing pose. Somehow Ms. Mair has avoided the ire of women’s groups for her blatant “attack” on a fellow woman.

Donald Trump immediately responded in defense of his wife by tweeting a message of warning to Ted Cruz that he might “spill the beans” on Mr. Cruz’s wife Heidi.

The Republican establishment then activated their media contacts that were only too glad to submarine both candidates because they both have steadfastly opposed the globalist agenda. They ran with the story but sensationalized it by revealing Heidi Cruz’s short bout with depression many years ago as the basis for Mr. Trump’s tweet. This was reprehensible and served to further incense Mr. Cruz.

Predictably, Mr. Cruz lashed out at Mr. Trump while Mr. Trump remained relatively silent. Then came the National Enquirer story claiming Mr. Cruz was a philanderer. At this point Mr. Cruz went ballistic accusing Donald Trump of being a “ratf*cker.”

The trap had been set by establishment Republicans and Mr. Cruz made the mistake of walking right into it. It has been reported by the Daily Beast that, “A half-dozen GOP operatives and media figures tell The Daily Beast that Cruz’s opponents have been pushing charges of adultery for at least six months now—and that allies of former GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were involved in spreading the smears.”

The New York Times, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post, ABC News, Breitbart News and Politico had all been offered the salacious story no later than last fall but decided the evidence was too thin at that time to run with it. Back then Trump and Cruz were almost kissing buddies with Trump even suggesting that he would consider Cruz to be his vice president.

What new evidence emerged between then and now, if anything, that led the Enquirer to run the story isn’t the important thing. The fact that it was the Rubio camp that fished the story is the significant point. There has been no Republican more aligned with the party’s establishment than the squirrelly Marco Rubio.

The events of the past week have Republican elites rejoicing behind closed doors. At the least Ted Cruz has been thrown off his game and at the worst he’s now radioactive to the evangelical supporters that comprise a significant portion of his base.

Donald Trump, too, has been hurt because it is likely that the supporters who desert Mr. Cruz will reject Mr. Trump out of disgust over this whole episode. This will also increase Mr. Trump’s disapproval rating with low information women who will be influenced by the false media narrative accusing him of be a misogynist even though there is no evidence of that from the events here.

Trump is the only remaining candidate with a path to 1237. If he doesn’t get there the RNC will jump at the chance to deny him the nomination and to install one of their own global elitists in his place by using phony crises like this one to justify his disqualification. Expect more underhanded tactics by the establishment as they try to increase Trump’s negatives in their continuing attempt to diminish the size of his coming primary victories and, failing there, to the point they can use those negatives to justify a “unity” candidate.

Unless voters in the remaining primary states rally to push Donald Trump past the 1237 delegates to silence the Republican insiders and win the nomination outright, the establishment will win.

The establishment always wins.