Did Barack Obama Steal The 2012 Election?

ELDER PATRIOT – Barack Obama has emerged as an imperial president.  Constitutional limitations on his powers mean little to him and his brazenness in sidestepping these limitations has become commonplace leading to the question, to what extent he’d be willing to go to hold onto power.

Now, there is evidence that Mr. Obama had been moving to consolidate his power from the moment that he entered office.  Information has been uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act that shows that as early as 2009 his minions at the IRS purchased sophisticated cell phone dragnet equipment know as Stingray from the Harris Corporation.  This would make them the 13th federal agency to own the sophisticated surveillance technology but perhaps the most troubling.

Stingrays are an example of an IMSI-catcher that simulate a cell phone tower so that the user can strip metadata and even content from phones which connect to them.  Incredibly, they require nothing more than a PEN register obtainable by a low-level court order. 

The IRS refuses to respond to a request for comment on how these devices are used by them.  Those close to the agency say they haven’t heard any “scuttlebutt” about their use.  Clearly, these devices were purchased for a specific use with only very select agents even knowing about their existence.

Were these devices used to gather information that was then used to illegally harass, coerce, or otherwise threaten conservative donors? 

We know that after Barack Obama became president, Nikole Flax, the former chief of staff to then IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, visited the White House 35 times.  During this time period Ms. Flax was also in constant contact with Ms. Lerner the IRS’ Director Exempt Organizations.  It’s been established that they were working in concert with high-ranking aides to the president to criminally prosecute conservative tea party groups and conservative donors with the intent of silencing their political voices.

The Justice Department under the direction of Obama appointees Eric Holder and later Loretta Lynch have shown no inclination to prosecute any officials accused of wrongdoing no matter the strength of the evidence.

Were Stingray employed along with more traditional IRS harassment techniques to discourage conservative donors from participating in the 2012 elections?  Does this explain the $243 million advantage in fundraising that Obama enjoyed in 2012?  That translates to Obama raising an astounding 62% more in campaign donations that his supposedly “fat cat” Republican challenger.  Was this the difference in what was another close election?