Did Mitt Romney Purposely Lose To Barack Obama???

ELDER PATRIOT –  As Donald Trump continues building on the commanding lead he holds over his Republican challengers the entire party apparatus is organizing to take him down.

Their reasons cannot be over ideological differences.  Complain as they do that Trump is not a strict ideological conservative he has staked out ground far to the right of either John McCain or Mitt Romney the last two Republican standard bearers neither of who met any such resistance to their candidacies from the party’s elites.  Likewise, his policy positions makes the Elite’s choice, Marco Rubio, look like a flaming liberal.

Their criticism of Trump for having “New York” values is a direct shot at his less than strident views against abortion.  Really?  Folks, the Republican elites have no desire to do anything to change the abortion laws lest they take a major issue off the table on which to run in future elections.  Ask yourself, why when George W. Bush was president and he had control of both houses of congress did nothing change? There wasn’t so much as a public debate over the heinous partial-birth procedure.

The difference between Donald Trump and John McCain and Mitt Romney is Trump’s “America First” policy.  Trump is running to be president of the American people.  He’s not running to be president of the world like his predecessors were.  This angers the corporatist/globalists who feed off the American people and who also make politics so profitable for our politicians.

Now Mitt Romney has challenged Donald Trump to release his tax returns.  This says a lot about the level of dishonor that the overly manicured Romney would stoop to for two reasons. 

First, when this became an issue for Romney in 2012 Trump publicly defended him when he came under attack from Harry Reid, Democrat talking heads and the mainstream media.     

Second, Romney supplied the roadmap for anyone trying to decipher Trump’s highly complicated tax return.  Look for his donations to veterans groups, Romney instructed.  Any honest discussion about the disgraceful way our veterans are treated after their service ends sheds the bright light of truth on politicians’ disregard for the sacrifices they and their families made and continue to make from the lingering effects of their time in the military.  It’s not the job of any man, no matter the political optics, to make up for the fact that Republicans continue passing budgets that pay a multiple more to fund welfare than they do to help our veterans.  For Romney to take this tack is shameless.

Romney was torched during his campaign for having paid “only” 17% of his income to taxes.  The fact is that the government provides any number of tax incentives (write-offs) for spending your money in the manner they want you to.  These include charitable donations and investment in commercial enterprises.  The government does this to encourage investment in order to create jobs and increase the taxable base of the economy.

Someone like Donald Trump, who invests heavily in large-scale real estate development will necessarily pay a smaller percentage of his income to taxes because he is doing the work that the politicians eventually takes credit for – growing the economy.

Romney will eventually endorse Rubio whose personal finances expose, either, a disregard for the law or a level of incompetence that would disqualify him from running a small business let alone the largest enterprise in the world.  Dick Morris sheds light on just how bad Rubio’s personal finances are in an interview with Breitbart News.  Why Romney chose to focus on Trump instead of calling Rubio’s irresponsible (illegal?) financial management into question proves he’s playing politics in defense of the old guard.

Shame on Mitt Romney.  He’s made the decision to carry the water for Harry Reid and the Democrats on this phony issue.

It’s important to remember that in 2012 Romney was running against an incumbent president who was highly unpopular for “shoving” Obamacare down our throats and who had signed into law the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that did anything but protect the little people.  Romney seized on neither of these hot-button issues to propel his campaign choosing instead to debate around the edges. 

Obama’s disbursement of federal monies from QE 1,2 and 3 were also open to question as the president used those funds to reward campaign donors and activist groups such as ACORN, neither of which would help the economy recover in any manner.  Romney never made an issue of this either though many talk show hosts tried mightily to shed light on these unproductive expenditures in support of Mitt.

It’s clear Romney ran to preserve the status quo.  To protect the Republican brand for future elections – ostensibly as a party that represents the people against government – he had to lose.

In the process Romney’s loyalty to preserving America’s one-party system was exposed.  Yesterday’s “advice” to Trump is further evidence that he could care less about what the rank and file want. 

There have been four primaries so far and Trump has brought record numbers of new Republicans out to support the party.  He has shown the potential to grow the party by 30%, perhaps more.  The elites who control and comprise the party’s establishment are being forced to expose the fact that they aren’t interested in what the people want.  It’s about what they want.  The preservation of their Oligarchy overrides everything else.  They are not yet finished draining America and Americans of what’s left of the assets they worked so long and hard to accumulate.

The people who spent so generously and worked so hard trying to drag this loser across the finish line through the summer of 2011 and up until the 2012 November election deserve better from this government Oligarch.