ELDER PATRIOT – The Weekly Standard quotes Hillary Clinton while being interviewed by ABC’s David Muir, “And they need a leader who cares about them again.”  Mrs. Clinton was talking about herself and the American people. 

Seriously, any objective look at the evidence reveals Mrs. Clinton has never cared about anyone except herself.  Her entire life has been about amassing money.  And power because she could use it to amass more money.

Now she’s trying to remake her image into that of a softer, gentler, more convivial person who is simply guilty of some small mistakes while working under a heavy workload.  One only has to look at how she conducted herself while First Lady to dispel any notion that she has even a pinch of compassion in her heart.

For the entirety of her marriage to Bill Clinton he’s been a philandering pig and worse.  Juanita Broaddrick even came forward with credible evidence of having been raped by Mr. Clinton.  Any self-respecting woman would’ve terminated her relationship with her husband immediately, especially one so successful in her own right that didn’t need her husband’s money.  Not Hillary.

Instead, Mrs. Clinton opted to attack and defame every woman who dared to come forward after being sexually abused by her husband.  Isn’t that just what you’d expect from a compassionate person and ardent defender of women’s rights?

Next, let’s turn our attention to her stint as Secretary of State where mounting evidence is exposing Mrs. Clinton’s plot to sell American secrets and priorities for her financial benefit. 

She’d like us to believe that her use of a private email server was just an innocent mistake.  She was even considerate enough to apologize for making such a mistake.  Not so fast Madame Hillary.  The facts tell a different story on at least two fronts.

First, is the issue of her husband’s speaking fees.  Ex-President Clinton had been charging $175,000 per appearance prior to Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State.  The day Mrs. Clinton was seated as Secretary of State Mr. Clinton’s appearance fees skyrocketed to $500,000.  There is no reasonable explanation for this other than this reflects Team Clinton’s newfound ability to once again deliver “favors” and influence policy for those willing to enrich them personally.  Evidence is surfacing that this was the case.

Second, the night of the Benghazi Massacre Hillary originally claimed she had been asleep and wasn’t awakened to take charge of the situation.  This is an incredible claim for a sitting Secretary of State and someone who campaigned as being the one you want taking “that call” at 3:00 am.  Forensic investigators examining what’s left of the hard drive that Mrs. Clinton had professionally scrubbed before finally handing over her computer have uncovered a different set of facts. 

Mrs. Clinton was busy exchanging emails about our troop movements during the precise time the attack on our embassy was taking place and four Americans were being slaughtered.  Who had access to those unsecured emails in those critical moments when American lives were hanging in the balance is the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

Mrs. Clinton’s actions were a gross violation of the Espionage Act that she hopes we’ll dismiss with a simple mea culpa from her.  Her arrogance is astounding if she believes the American people are that stupid.  This woman who would be president and who has almost a quarter of century of experience at the epicenter of the Washington power structure is hoping that by throwing her hair back and apologizing the American people will believe it was simply an honest mistake and not a disqualification of her candidacy.

It appears the American people are smarter than she gives them credit for as they are abandoning her in droves despite the blind eye the mainstream media has cast on her violation of federal law. 

The latest polls show Bernie Sanders leading her in the early primary states by a margin that seems to be increasing daily.

As Mrs. Clinton appears to be melting into political oblivion in the puddle she herself caused with her latest legal transgression this should be viewed as great news for those hoping for return to governance to benefit the people and not the political class that has largely defrauded us.

Bye, Bitch.