ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – State of the Race:  The latest Rasmussen Poll shows Trump at 43%, Clinton at 41%, after the Clinton campaign unloaded their sex tape and false rape lawsuits on Trump.    Has the Clinton campaign run out of dirty tricks?  Hardly.  The Clinton campaign is both figuratively and literally being carried by its Dinosaur Media allies, which operate as secret arms of the Clinton campaign.  It is a monstrosity that is trying to carry Clinton over the finish line, but somehow Donald Trump keeps dancing just ahead in the polls, out of reach.


A video currently circulating online shows a CNN reporter coached a panel on what to say during debate coverage.  The video, which features a group of undecided Ohio voters, shows a CNN journalist feeding replies to a female attendee.  The reporter plays a video clip of Clinton saying:  “America is already great but we are great because we are good.”  “America is great,” the CNN reporter is heard whispering at 0:05 seconds into the video suggesting an answer to the panel before her words trail off.

The reporter then asks, “What was it about Hillary Clinton’s argument that resonated with you following Donald Trump’s defense of the video?”

The respondent then answers with: “She stated that America is already great and I tend to agree with that…”

This isn’t news, it is a Clinton campaign commercial produced by CNN.  When Donald Trump assumes the Presidency, he should, nay, MUST, direct his Attorney General to prosecute “news” organizations like CNN for Federal Election Law violations.  Specifically, CNN’s “coverage” constitutes undeclared in kind campaign contributions to Clinton.  D’nesh D’souza was put in jail by the Obama Regime for far, far less.  Time to send the on air staff of CNN to jail for their illegal campaign contributions.


Yet another wikileaks document shows that the New York Times is happily acting as Clinton campaign surrogates, who will go out and regurgitate any talking points the Clinton campaign gives them.  They are just DemocRats pretending to be journalists.  It’s pure propaganda.

Then there is the New York Times coordinating a lawsuit of a woman who is claiming that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on an airline flight….35 YEARS AGO!  She never reported the alleged assault to the airline stewards, not to the airline, and not to the police, but decides to now come forward with her story 4 weeks before a national election.  Yeah, seems legit…NOT.

It is a tremendous effort by the Dinosaur Media to do one thing:  Distract YOU and the American electorate from paying attention to the substance of the Wikileaks emails that show that Hillary gave speeches to Wall Street promising to erase America’s borders, how senior Clinton campaign staff like manage John Podesta hates Catholics and views Latinos as “needy”, and how Hillary knew years ago that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding ISIS.

Don’t fall for the lies and the propaganda.  Vote to preserve the Bill of Rights.  Vote Trump!