DISGRACEFUL: Notice Anything MISSING In This Democrat Debate Picture? SMH

VIA| I guess since very few people were going to watch the Democrat debate last night (Oh, you didn’t know it was on either?), Hillary Clinton herself decided it wasn’t worth showing up for.

After a bathroom break during a commercial –who knows? — per the Daily Mail,“for whatever reason, Americans watching Saturday’s Democratic debate saw Hillary Clinton’s empty podium for nearly one minute when ABC News came back from its second commercial break.

She walked onto the stage as co-moderator David Muir set up a discussion about jobs and the economy, offering a sheepish ‘Sorry.’

‘Welcome back,’ Muir said, as a camera showed two, not three Democrats on stage and reporters gathered in a makeshift press room gasped. ‘Tonight, as you can see, we have a packed audience here in New Hampshire and we’re going to continue.’

‘We’ve already had a spirited conversation here at the top of the broadcast about ISIS, about concerns of terror here on the home front. And as we await Secretary Clinton backstage here, we’re going to begin on the economy.’

‘We want to turn to the American jobs, wages and raises in this country,’ Muir continued. ‘We believe that secretary Clinton will be coming around the corner any minute. In the meantime we want to start with this eye-opening number.’

Then Clinton appeared from stage right, creeping slowly toward her center podium.


Mrs. Clinton, you’re sorry? Well, so are we. It’s a really “sorry” state of affairs when the entire highlight of what should be a serious conversation with the presumptive Democrat nominee for president – and whom many polls say will in fact be elected – is when you can’t be bothered to make it back to your lectern on time.

But I guess it’s in keeping with your haughty, dismissive attitude towards the people you seek to govern.