VIA| A little less than two weeks ago, Americans across the country –including the loved ones of four Americans murdered in Benghazi –learned that Hillary Clinton and the State Department ignored SIX HUNDRED emails begging for more security in war-torn Libya.

Like myself, I’m sure all Americans — including those loved ones –are asking HOW could employees at the State Department and Hillary Clinton herself, completely ignore SIX HUNDRED pleas for help? How is it humanly impossible to ignore that many incoming emails? How is it morally possibly to ignore America’s heroes on the front line begging for help? Now we know.

Now, thanks to The Right Scoop, we get a rare glimpse into the mindset of then-secretary of state, now presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton when it exposed an email sent from Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff at the State Department, to Hillary Clinton:


Huma, who’d been riding shotgun for Hillary at the State Department since 2009, was apparently trying to give Mrs. Clinton a heads-up about the complete deterioration of conditions on the ground in Libya and notifying her of an assassination attempt. Now, I realize, in retrospect, every day in Libya since the beginning of the “Arab spring” was pretty much a lesson in chaos. BUT DANG. Whether it interested her or not, it was Mrs. Clinton’s JOB to deal with the mess created when President Obama decided it was a great idea to intervene in the civil war in Libya,

I assume, never guessing that her emails would be made public, Mrs. Clinton didn’t even FEIGN interest in the events unfolding for the day. Instead, she went right to the subject of REAL import: Huma’s interior design quandary over lamps. Now the 600 unanswered pleas for help are sadly understandable. In my opinion, Mrs. Clinton saw her job as a stepping-stone, or maybe simply an opportunity to travel the world (setting a new record of over 956 MILLION miles), or just make new friends while waiting to be crowned America’s first female president.

But from her response to this email, it’s clear to me she wasn’t too interested in foreign affairs. In fact, her tenure as secretary of state could be summed up by the saying on my favorite coffee mug: “Panic, chaos, and disorder –MY WORK HERE IS DONE.”