ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Bill Clinton the Rapist was trotted out on stage at the DNC last night, using his signature finger jabs not seen by the American public since he lied to us saying:  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, not once.”  Bill told a highly improbable tale of how he proposed to Hillary in an obvious attempt to try and humanize the woman, who is known as America’s Nurse Ratched.  The DemocRats spent so much time trying to humanize Hillary Tuesday night that Americans were given a very thin gruel on policy, with an all you can stomach buffet of emotionalism and sloganeering.

Bill said that Hillary would work to empower women.  Really?  Like how she “empowered” women when she was in charge of suppressing Bill’s “Bimbo Eruptions”?  When Hillary and her team of propagandists smeared and destroyed the reputations of the women who were Bill’s victims?  How about the women on her own campaign staff that are paid less than men?  How is that “empowering” women?

Bill tried to present Hillary as an Agent of Change.  That doesn’t make sense to anyone who still has three working brain cells.  Hillary has been part of the Beltway Elite for 30 years.  She is one of the worst offenders of public corruption, selling influence while Secretary of State for cash from foreign governments.  Her policy positions are a mere continuation of Obama.  No one, for instance, seriously believes her sudden opposition to TPP.  Her choice of Tim Kaine, a big TPP proponent, belies that transparent lie.

Wasn’t Obama supposed to be the agent of Hope & Change?  If Hillary is also an agent of change, what change will she bring about in America?  Change to what, exactly?  No, that question is never answered.  Hillary hasn’t had a press conference in over 210 days, so don’t hold your breath waiting for that question to be asked by the press.  The word “change” is merely uttered as a magic incantation by the DemocRats.  A word with its own value independent of facts, and independent of reality.

Clinton also delivered a truly cringe worthy line about how, no matter what the problem or the issue, if you just let Hillary work on it for a few months, the situation will get better.  I think the Libyans would disagree, as well as the American dead in Benghazi.  Clinton left nothing but a trail of one foreign policy disaster after another while she was Secretary of State.  Now she is Secretary of the Status Quo. 

Clinton’s speech even failed to win favor with some strong DemocRat supporters.  MSNBC host Rachael Maddow described the first half of Bill’s speech as “shocking and rude”.


After the Convention handed the nomination to Hillary, Sanders supporters staged a walk out.  They aren’t buying what the endless parade of Hollywood celebrities are trying to sell.  They are not moving beyond the issue of a stolen primary election.  Instead they held a sit-in both within and outside the convention center.



Instead, Sanders supporters are speaking about “The #Demexit”, and it portends a catastrophic hemorrhage of voter support by the DemocRats in November.




Meanwhile, there are still no American flags to be seen at the DNC, but DemocRat protestors did burn the flag of Israel and proudly flew the flag of the PLO instead.  Yes, another terrorist organization embraced by the DemocRats.

DemocRats continued their silence regarding the horrific Muslim terror attacks going on in Europe this week, which are now at a near daily tempo.

As a result of all of the above, it should surprise no one that Donald Trump has increased his lead on Clinton in national polling, now moving to 47% vs. 40% for Clinton.  Trump is within 3 points of the important psychological milestone of reaching 50% in national support.  At the same time, a palor of doom is starting to stick to Candidate Clinton.  Even radical Leftists like Michael Moore are now publically predicting a Trump win in November.  Clinton is just too scandal ridden, and the scandals are going to continue.  Julian Assange of Wikileaks is promising a form of Chinese water torture for Clinton, with new damaging email leaks on Clinton in the weeks to come.  Assange claims his future leaks will be enough to force the Justice Department to indict Clinton. 

That is unlikely simply because the Obama Administration is not interested in enforcing the law, only in maintaining power for the DemocRats.  But the FBI announced this week that it is investigating the Clinton Foundation.  There is already a well known paper trail showing that foreign countries received favorable treatment from Clinton while she was Secretary of State after donating large sums to the Clinton Foundation.  This includes selling uranium to the Russians, something that would have once been unthinkable.

But for Team Clinton, nothing in America isn’t up for sale for the right price.  That is perhaps the greatest Clinton scandal of all.