ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – When Bernie Sanders Delegates organized a protest walkout of the DNC on Tuesday night, the DemocRat Party responded the way it always does:  It created a lie to hide inconvenient facts.  Specifically, the DNC put out an ad on Craigslist for minority “actors” who would be paid to fill empty seats and cheer for Hillary Clinton and other DemocRat speakers.  Here are a copy of the ads:


Note that a flat rate of $50, given the length of the DNC event, amounts to an hourly wage far below the minimum wage.  But hypocrisy never stopped the DemocRats before.

In a further effort to avoid a night of boos and jeering by Sanders Delegates, the DNC instituted a policy of not permitting Sanders Delegates to return to the convention floor if they left for any reason, even to go to the bathroom.  The seats of those barred delegates were then filled by the paid delegate imposters hired by the DNC.

A Sanders Delegate also reported that the DNC has threatened Sanders Delegates with arrest if they don’t put away their Bernie Signs tonight.  In response, most have left the convention, resulting in the DNC scrambling to fill all those empty seats any way they can, even if they have to use poorly paid imposters.


The headliner of last night was Barack Obama, who in typical narcissist fashion referred to himself 119 times in his speech.  Said speech did not occur until well after 11pm, and therefore was not seen by most working class Americans who have to get up and go to work the next day.  Those Americans who don’t have a job to get up for probably found other diversions as well before Obama got on camera, so I think the DemocRats were guilty of some bad stage management last night.

Obama brought up his birth certificate.  He never gets tired of rubbing it in our faces that he got away with passing off a forged birth certificate.  This was painstakingly shown to be a 9 layered Microsoft Word document by investigators working for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and that the social security number used by Obama is actually a number issued by the State of Connecticut.  Something criminal is going on there, something dark and murky.  But, Obama is a DemocRat, so he gets a pass from the Palace Guard Media.

Obama improbably quoted Ronald Reagan, even though he has spent his adult life trying to roll back everything accomplished by Reagan, including his elimination of the work requirement to receive welfare established by Reagan, which greatly reduced the welfare rolls.  Those rolls have skyrocketed to all time highs under Obama.

Obama tried to sell the public on the idea that Hillary is “the most experienced” candidate for President ever.  But Obama is the one who lowered the bar on experience to run for the Presidency to a candidate who hadn’t even finished his first term in the U.S. Senate, and who had only been a one term state senator before that.  By any objective measure, Obama was the least experienced President the United States has ever had.  But he is a DemocRat, so he got a free pass.

Hillary has all the WRONG sort of experience.  Her tenure as First Lady saw her attempt to foist Hillarycare on the nation shot down in flames.  As Senator of New York, Hillary failed to write and introduce a single piece of legislation, and ignored servicing her state constituents.  As Secretary of State, Hillary left a trail of one foreign policy disaster after another, and today the Middle East is in flames.  Then there is all of Hillary’s experience being a grifter, from White Water to influence pedaling through the Clinton Foundation.


Obama spoke of everything he is proud to have achieved —  passing ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums and bankrupt exchanges), expanding clean energy production (Solyndra bankruptcy), reducing consumption of foreign oil (due to fracking, which Obama has tried to kill off), passing the Iran deal (which will saddle the world with a nuclear armed Iran), bringing troops home (and sabotaging all the hard won progress we had in Iraq and Afghanistan), and killing bin Laden (as it turns out, not such a big deal).

Obama and Bill Clinton both tried to sell Hillary as an Agent of Change, without ever addressing WHY we need change.  If everything is so wonderful in America today, then why not run on the status quo?

Joe Biden gave a speech last night.  No one cares.  It was largely a string of incomprehensible non-sequiturs anyway.

After Day 3 of the DNC, the television viewership numbers have either dropped, or remained flat, despite the fact that Obama appeared last night. 

The latest LA Times Poll shows that Donald Trump has again extended his lead over Clinton nationally to +7.3%.  The only “bounce” coming out of the DNC convention is for Donald Trump.  The DemocRat Party is now hopelessly split, and Hillary has lost the support of most Bernie Sanders supporters, who will either stay home, vote for Trump, or vote Third Party.  America has listened to what the DemocRats are selling, and they aren’t buying it.  The latest poll shows that a full 68% of Americans find Hillary to be untrustworthy and untruthful.  This is a devastating statistic for an incumbent party candidate who is running in a country where 70% of the voters believe the country is on the wrong track.