Do the Events Unraveling in Greece Portend Our Future?

ELDER PATRIOT – An incredible mess is unraveling in Greece as voters there have resoundingly rejected creditors demands for additional spending cuts.  Casting all the rhetoric aside what will now ensue is a tug of war between the Greek government and Eurozone bankers.  I’m afraid the Greek people will now learn the true meaning of austerity, as money will be in short supply to be followed by the scarcity essential goods such as food.

The events now playing out in Greece may soon be occurring in many more nations where people have bought the Secular Left’s Keynesian theory that through ever increasing borrowing everyone can have everything immediately.

Like petulant children, the people can blame past governments for the indebtedness that is now strangling them, but in the end they must shoulder the blame much of the blame themselves for having voted for the irresponsible, free-spending politicians who created this mess.

Americans should observe the events unfolding in Greece closely to see what the austerity there will look like in the coming months because we have voted ourselves into a similar position.  Food shortages will lead to rationing and, possibly, increased crime as people simply seek to feed their families.

If we maintain our the spending that has us now $16-18 Trillion dollars in debt our social decay may look a lot worse than Greece’s.  Why?  Because Greece is pretty much a homogenous society with a shared culture and bloodlines and in the U.S. one political party in America has spent billions of dollars over multiple decades dividing us along cultural and economic lines.  This has led to Americans becoming great at blaming everyone else for their problems.  If the s*it ever hits the fan here watch out for the repercussions and violence.  We may witness Baltimore 2015 on an uncontrollable scale.

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money,” forewarned the great political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville.

It’s time for Americans to demand the immediate restoration of sanity to their budgetary process.  We’ll find out if the events in Greece jolt any of our senators and representatives back to reality in the upcoming budget battle.  Anyone who doesn’t demand a balanced budget now should be removed from office as soon as possible.