DOCTORS URGED HER TO ABORT HER SON Because They Knew. Two Days After His Birth…

VIA| Sarah Hynes was only granted two days to spend with her newborn son, Seán, but she is grateful for every moment of his brief life.

As LifeNews reports, Seán was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at only twenty-one weeks gestation.

Sarah was told that her son was unlikely to survive the pregnancy, and if born, would not survive long after birth. In light of the tragic news, Sarah was asked if she wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but Sarah refused.

“It’s not up to me to end his life,” Sarah said in an interview with Newstalk FM. “I’m his mother, it was my job to protect him, I wanted to give him that chance, I just couldn’t give up on him.”

Sarah says she has no regrets about her decision to give Seán a chance at life. Because she knew her time with Seán would be short after birth, she says she made the most of their time together during the pregnancy.

When her “little fighter” did make his appearance, he was everything Sarah had prayed he would be.

“[T]o look at him [after birth] you’d never know there was anything wrong with him,” she said, “he was tiny but he was gorgeous.”

Sarah says that it was important to their family that, while he was alive, Seán knew, “nothing but love.”

Two days with him wasn’t long, but they meant everything to the Hynes family.

“His time was short, but they were two days we would not have had if we had gone down that route,” said Sarah.

Seán touched the hearts of the Hynes family and their entire community— something that would never have happened if Sarah had terminated her pregnancy. She says that hospitals should do a better job of educating women in her position of the benefits of carrying their baby to term, despite a grim diagnosis.

“I’ve yet to meet a parent who regretted having their baby… that time is so precious,” she said.