Does America Hate?

ELDER PATRIOT – Americans are coming to fully understand and embrace the radical nature of the Leftist movement that they have sympathetically supported to varying degrees over the years.  And, as they now unite behind Donald Trump in an attempt to forestall the loss of their personal liberty and the right to the rewards of their work, they have been labeled “Haters.”  But, are they?

Americans of all stripes have historically opened their hearts and borders to those seeking to share in the American ideal.  And, when it became necessary to preserve those American ideals we occasionally closed the gates temporarily in order to catch our breath and to allow for the newcomers to assimilate.  For those who were unable to come we sent trillions of dollars in foreign aid and fought wars for their freedom at great cost to American lives and treasure.

Those who came embraced the American ideal even more fervently than those who were born here.  They became Americans.  Our mosaic was made of many ethnicities but only of a single, uniquely American culture.

Our political debates came to ignore the true American ideal of freedom for the individual and eventually became consumed by discussion of the general good, both of those here and of those in distant lands.  The idea that multiculturalism was somehow good for us became prevalent.  Soon, John Kennedy’s inaugural challenge, “Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country” had been turned into what each successive politician would promise to the next hyphenated-American group to be paid for from the public monies.

America’s Right of today is the same group that fought a war to end slavery, rejected the Democrat aligned Ku Klux Klan, and supported the Equal Rights Amendment.  They have not changed nor has their commitment to fighting injustice.  They do not run from their commitments but they are showing themselves to be realists in the face of paying for them. 

What they see is a growing dependence on government and an increasing awareness that it has become impossible to pay for it.

What they see is an unregulated flow of foreigners into our country, encouraged by legislative, court, and executive actions that have no intention of assimilating but only seek to feed from our trough.

What they see is the violence spreading across Europe and a desire to avoid inviting it here.

What they know is they have been forced to deny their own children many of the things they are being forced to provide to an immigrant community that they no longer welcome.

What they are being told is that their votes won’t matter in this election.

Except for small pockets, Americans have proven themselves to be largely incapable of hate.  Seven years after 9/11 they elected a president with a Muslim name.  They have bankrupted themselves and done without so that the less fortunate might have sustenance.  We send our sons and daughters to fight for those incapable of fighting for them selves.  Whatever the political reasons for doing so, for the American people these are not the acts of haters.

Above all, Americans love their families, their friends, and their independence.  What they do hate is seeing their children do without and their friends unable any longer to provide for their families.

So when these well-organized and well-funded petulant brats call us haters it is best to remember what they really hate.  They hate the fact that they spent a couple of hundred thousand dollars chasing an education that taught them how to complain but not how to succeed.  They hate the fact that mommy and daddy will be pulling the plug on supporting them soon and they will be left incapable of supporting themselves.  And, like most people they hate the fact that they’re failures and that they have no clue how to change that.

Americans are not haters, especially not those supporting Donald Trump.  They are realists who refuse to be held hostage by false narratives.  Charity begins at home.