VIA| Well, we just learned ISIS has the capability to print fake Syrian passports. Ain’t that a daisy! So what I’m about to share with you needs no further explanation.

You can come to whatever conclusion you like, but unless you’re “stuck on stupid,” there’s only one deduction. I wonder if someone were to ask White House spokesperson Josh “Not so” Earnest about this, how he’ll spin it.

As reported by News Observer Online, “Two members of an ISIS death squad which murdered at least 1,700 people have been arrested posing as refugees in Finland—and that country’s security services have identified at least another 300 “refugees” with confirmed terrorist links.

The two ISIS death squad members—identified only as 23-year-old twin brothers from Iraq—were arrested after being identified as having been part of the murderous gang which massacred thousands of Iraqi air force recruits by shooting them in the back of the head.

The massacre was filmed by ISIS and put onto the Internet, but the participants were not hooded, allowing for later identification of the gunmen. The two ISIS murderers entered Finland in September, claiming to be refugees, and were housed at an invader center in the southwestern town of Forssa.

It was there that they were arrested on Tuesday, December 8, after they were positively identified from the ISIS video. They appeared in court on Friday, December 11, in the Pirkanmaa District Court in Tampere, and were ordered held for four months for further investigation.

Local Finnish media first reported the two gunmen’s arrest on Thursday morning, and the police confirmed the reports later that day. The arrests are not the first such case in Finland: in autumn, another Iraqi “asylum seeker” was also arrested after being identified as an ISIS militant from pictures on the Internet. Finland’s Interior Minister Petteri Orpo earlier announced that his country’s Security Police had identified another 300 “refugees” known to have connections to “terrorist elements abroad.”

Ok, let me tell you what the liberal progressive leftists will say: “these twin brothers are the victims of racial profiling.” Furthermore, their civil rights are being violated by being held for four months without any formal charges.

Remember what I have consistently stated, “no single military-aged males, ages 16-40, should be allowed entry?” Now, would any of you out there disagree? And based on what we’ve seen in Paris and here in San Bernardino, there should be no allowed entry of single military-aged females, 21-40 either. And if you’ve not been paying attention, our neighbors to the north — who elected the leftist Trudeau — have allowed entry of Syrian refugees. How many fit the description I just described?

Folks, we haven’t a doggone clue who these folks are. This is the Islamic principle of Al Hijra, and we shared the video of what’s REALLY happening in Europe that no one wants to tell you. But what the heck, here it is again.

And consider the news we shared here that a DHS whistleblower has come forth asserting that the Obama administration forced him to shut down an investigationinto a Deobandi sect militant Islamic group associated with Syed Farook. Why? Because as he stated, it was racial profiling.

And how stupid was Time Magazine — they named Germany’s Angela Merkel as “Person of the Year.” Yep, Merkel will end up being the person who ushered in the end of Germany. And I say hat tip to the leadership in Finland who realize the safety and security of its people far outweighs being on the cover of a stupid liberal progressive magazine.

Sadly, our leadership wants to be on the same magazine cover and have a really nice exhibit in the presidential library.

Ok, have you come to your own conclusion about this story yet?