Donald Trump Doesn’t Give a Damn About The Elites

ELDER PATRIOT – The newest line of attack against Donald Trump in centered on his use of what’s politely referred to as “salty” language.  “He’s just too crass to be president,” the Elites, both Conservative and Liberal, are joining in chorus to tell us.  Whoever is lapping up this nonsense is ignorant of history and desirous of a way, anyway, of derailing Trump’s straight talk express that is winning over voters in runaway numbers by channeling the disgust they feel towards both parties that have delivered us to this treacherous point in history.  So let’s set them straight when they claim presidential politics demands a certain purity in the use of the language:

Barack Obama.  From the Digital Journal: “On February 14, 2009, the vice president of Stratfor sent an email stating that a congressional friend of his informed him of a very shocking event. According to the unnamed congressman, there were two democratic senators who were worried about the volume of the new stimulus. After voicing their concerns, they both received calls from Obama saying “F*** you, I’m the President, sign it.”

George W. Bush.  During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Bush’s responses were laced with the use of the F-bomb leading Carlson to ask a Bush aide about it.  The Bush aide said to him, Mr. Bush “used to say `f*ck’ a lot more before this all started.”

Bush also was caught on an open microphone referring to NY Times reporter Adam Clymer as “a major-league asshole.”  It should be noted that Bush’s approval rating enjoyed a bump afterwards.

So there, presidents curse stop kidding yourself.  The two likely Democrat nominees aren’t afraid of cursing either.

Hillary Clinton: 

Bernie Sanders:

This is not a new phenomenon either.  It’s common knowledge that Dwight Eisenhower could turn the air blue with barracks profanity and that Ronald Reagan was no choirboy, either.

Does anyone delude them selves in believing Vladimir Putin doesn’t regularly reference our president as “Barack Obama?  He’s a bigger f*cking communist than I ever was!”

Frankly, it’s impossible to engage anyone in political conversation today that doesn’t liberally lace their political dialogue with the F-bomb.  Obama?  He’s a f*ckin’ communist.  Hillary?  She’s the most f*ckin’ corrupt bitch who ever walked the earth.  Bernie?  How have we come to the point where a f*ckin’ Socialist might become president?

Americans are pissed off and the establishment goes about its business in the tone-deaf manner that lets Americans know they just don’t give a shit about you.  Oops, that slipped out. 

But, then why shouldn’t Americans be cursing a blue streak at the Elites whose policies have brought total government employment (federal, state and local) over 22,000,000 this January and the nation’s debt beyond $19 trillion.  Meanwhile the manufacturing sector has shrunk to just over 12,000,000 jobs.  Americans understand that the growth of one has led to the diminishment of the other.  And they’re irate about it.

So as American exceptionalism hangs in the balance, the elites ask us to maintain a “proper” temperment demanding we bring a knife to a gunfight.  They ask us to nominate one more John McCain or Mitt Romney that will roll over like a trained dog so that the current coalition of globalists and crony capitalists can continue their dismantling of virtually everything that had once served to make America special.

When Tucker Carlson’s article first appeared, bold print above it declared: “George W. Bush doesn’t give a damn what you think of him. That may be why you’ll vote for him for president.”

For the growing legion of Trump supporters that can be amended to read: Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn what the Republican establishment thinks of him.  That is why they’ll vote for him for president.

If the Elites succeed in derailing Trump they best be prepared for the next phase, torches and pitchforks!