Donald Trump Has The World’s Elite Scared Shitless In Davos

ELDER PATRIOT – With their attempt at global economic domination almost complete the 2,500 political and business “leaders” gathered in Davos Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum are expressing their concerns that a potential Trump presidency would derail their plans.

As we’ve stated many times in the past these power brokers will be perfectly content with another Clinton presidency if they can’t have Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush or another establishment Republican.  It makes no difference to them as long as the business of fleecing America continues as usual.

Martin Sorrell, WPP’s chief executive said, “I am amazed at Davos about how many people are taking Trump as seriously as they are.  I think it doesn’t matter who the Republicans put up, I think Hillary will win.”  That is because he knows how much money and influence those gathered in Davos can bring to bear on American elections and he’s thinks that most Americans are still susceptible to their message.

The arrogance of the attendees should have every American fuming at their plans to fleece what’s left of America’s economic greatness.

Their major fear is a rise in protectionism of U.S. assets.  Imagine that, a president who would protect the working people of America scares them.  Word up, if Trump’s interest is in protecting the jobs and earnings of American workers and you’re against him, just what are your motivations?  And, if Hillary Clinton is perfectly suited to meet your goals then what are her motivations?

This point was driven home by former Republican House Majority Leader Eric Kantor who is now vice chairman of Moelis & Company and is an attendee at this exclusive gathering of many of the world’s ruling elite.

“Unfortunately I do think that if there were to be a Trump administration the casualty would likely be trade.  That’s a very serious prospect for the world,” said Kantor.  In other words, keeping America’s wealth home is not good for the rest of the world.

The fact that Eric Kantor is a vice chairman of any major corporation with only a political background and no prior corporate experience on his resume should raise a flag for anyone who still doubts that the name of the game for the corporations of the world is fleecing the American taxpayer and stripping America of her assets when it can improve their bottom lines.

Ernst & Young Global Vice Chair of Public Policy Beth Brooke-Marciniak joined in attacking Trump for his statement that he would “get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in the U.S.”

“The globe needs the U.S. to be strong.  The U.S. is still the horse that’s pulling the cart, and more so now with the capital outflows from emerging markets,” Brooke-Marciniak said echoing the sentiments of Kantor and the other Davos elites who still see the United States as a carcass with some significant meat left on its bones.

The Globalists gathered in Davos continue a lineage that has had control of our economic system long enough.  They have diminished the value of our dollar so that we need $24.00 today to have the same purchasing power as $1.00 did a century ago.  During that time our national debt has increased over 22,000 times.  The beneficiaries of the policies that have fleeced the American workers and their families have been the private banks that hold the notes and collect the interest and the corporations whose growth is guaranteed by government largesse.

We should all be forewarned by the words of Woodrow Wilson who realized the gravity of the mistake he made in signing the Federal Reserve Act only six years after the fact:


Let’s send these political and financial carpetbaggers a message in the upcoming primaries and oust every establishment politician who is on the ballot.  They will never willingly agree to term limits so it’s up to us to impose term limits on them.