Donald Trump: Peeling The Political Onion

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trumps candidacy has been exposing the underbelly of the Washington’s entrenched ruling establishment and his opponents on both sides of the aisle are employing the same dirty tricks and underhanded techniques to try to derail his straight talk express as they employ everywhere else and on everyone else. 

First Trump exposed Fox News, once believed to be the lone media mouthpiece of the conservative movement, owing to their ties to fostering illegal and unfettered immigration.  Once that became clear Fox News was free to bring a carefully chosen illegal alien and Muslim immigrant in to ask questions at the Republican debate in an effort to humanize their situations without similar regard to humanizing those Americans displaced from their jobs or physically threatened by their presence.

Before that there was the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attempting to stake out the claim to being the defender of women.  Trump quickly and decisively denied her the high ground on this issue and simultaneously stripped her of one of the greatest campaigners ever, her husband with only a couple of tweets:


Now it’s Ted Cruz who invokes his Evangelical “purity” but whose campaign has resorted to the immoral defamation of an important Trump supporter (Sarah Palin) without evidence, and invoking dirty political tactics against Ben Carson by employing phone calls and voicemails telling people that Carson was dropping out of the race and that his voters should be aware of this and to vote for Cruz so as not to waste their votes.

First, Cruz’s campaign chairman Congressman Steve King openly accused Sarah Palin of endorsing Trump in exchange for some form of enrichment.  He had no proof of this and Palin has called him out to provide some.  Having met Steve King I think I’ll believe Sarah Palin especially, in light of the Cruz campaign’s tactics to undermine Ben Carson in such an underhanded manner. 

Even after having been exposed, Cruz’s campaign spokesperson Catherine Frazier dismissed their behavior with a wave of her hand:

“The senator has already apologized for not more quickly making that clarification, and there is no evidence that our sharing of this news story impacted Carson’s campaign – he well outperformed expectations.”

Ms. Frazier didn’t bother explaining the fact that her candidate also outperformed expectations.

Dr. Carson displayed his Christianity and forgiveness when he cited the Gospel of Matthew in discussing Senator Cruz’s campaign tactics, “by their fruit you will be known.” 

Donald Trump is exposing the ugly underbelly of the politically entrenched establishment.  That is why Sarah Palin felt compelled to post the following on her Facebook page:

“Dirty Politics: Witnessing Firsthand It’s Always Heartbreaking, Never Surprising.

Thank heavens Donald Trump opened so many eyes to the lies, corruption and total lack of accountability that come so naturally to the permanent political class.”

This is exactly what makes Donald Trump so attractive to long time political observers.  His ability to make his rage against the machine audible to the masses provides hope for a return to electoral politics that actually gives us choices.