Donald Trump Stumbles On Immigration

NASHUA, NH - APRIL 18: Donald Trump speaks at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit April 18, 2015 in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Summit brought together local and national Republicans and was attended by all the Republicans candidates as well as those eyeing a run for the nomination. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Donald Trump committed his first serious gaffe on substantive policy issues during his September 9, 2015 appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on the FOX NEWS Channel, “the O’Reilly FACTOR”.  In response to an open ended question from O’Reilly about the so-called Migrant Crisis in Europe, Trump responded by saying he thought the West, including the United States, should agree to take in Syrian refugees, for “humanitarian reasons” because they are “living in Hell”.


At that moment, I imagine millions of Trump Supporters got a pang in the pit of the stomachs, saying to themselves:  “Here we go again.”  What that refers to is how time and time again, Republican office holders talk tough and then once they get to Washington have the habit of becoming craven, surrendering on issues Conservatives care about, and generally embracing timidity in order to play it safe. 

Trump initially gained national traction by being unafraid to say that the tens of millions from Mexico and Central America who are storming our undefended and unmanned Southern Border, courtesy of orders from King Barack, was bad for our country.  He was unafraid to say that these nations are sending us their criminals, and that many are simply welfare benefit opportunists.  Trump was willing to say that the American taxpayer is being treated as a chump, both by the illegals invading our country, and by our leaders who are letting it happen.  Americans across the political spectrum heard this and said:  “Finally, someone is running for President who gets it!”

Is Trump, the self-proclaimed master of the Art of the Deal, not aware of the opportunism of these so-called Syrian Refugees?  Is he not aware how most of them refused to merely escape to Turkey, or even Hungary, but are instead going for the brass ring of maximum welfare benefits in Germany and Sweden?  Is Mr. Trump not aware of how piles of Pakistani passports are being dumped by these so-called “refugees” so that they can claim to be Syrians?  Is Mr. Trump unaware of the many Jihadis on Facebook, posting pictures of themselves posing as “refugees” in Europe, next to their old photos posing with ISIS flags and RPG’s?  Is Mr. Trump one of the many who were snookered by the photo of the drowned 3 year old boy, who turned out to have drowned in Turkey, not Italy or Greece, who was put on a boat by his father with the rest of his family because the father wanted to get free dental work in Europe?  Is he unaware that Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents that could house 3 million refugees, lying empty in their deserts?  Why stick the American Taxpayer with the bill while the wealthy Saudis do nothing?  Has Mr. Trump not heard of the stories already coming out of Europe of these Muslim Refugees raping little 7 year old European girls?  Or the videos of hordes of Muslim Refugees screaming “F**k You!” as they move through Hungary?  How about the man beaten by a mob of Muslims as he tried to hand out donations?  We’re supposed to take in these monsters because they were “living in Hell”?  Newsflash for The Donald:  Maybe they were to blame for the Hell holes they came from.

Finally, has Mr. Trump become so politically correct that he is blind to the dangers of shipping in large numbers of Muslims into our nation, where they refuse to assimilate and start agitating for Sharia Law?  Is Mr. Trump blind to the fact that 800,000 radical Muslims would instantly balkanize American culture, and that this is, in fact, the goal of the Democrat Party and the Global Banksters of the New World Order?  They would be only too happy to introduce ethnic and religious strife to America that will keep us fighting with each other, played off against one another by a tyrannical government that wants an excuse to confiscate guns and institute Martial Law.

So, does this indicate that Trump is succumbing to the urge to bend to conventional wisdom?  Is Trump adopting a liberal mindset and a liberal world view?  Perhaps Trump has realized his mistake, as he has today somewhat walked back his statement on the O’Reilly Factor.  He now says America should not take more refugees due to security concerns, and the problems already faced by American citizens.  Nice of you to remember us, Mr. Trump.

Hopefully, Donald Trump will make a course correction and go back to putting America First!  Lord knows how rarely that occurs in our political class anymore.  It is why the voting public views the political elites with fear and loathing, and why outsiders are doing so well in polling.  Trump is now polling at 32% according to the September 10, 2015 CNN poll (Dr. Ben Carson is second at 19%).  The flap about Carly Fiorina’s face (which Trump did not say anything specific about) is another one of those gaffes that will actually make Trump’s stock rise.  Any man privately looks at Carly Fiorina and mentally notes “hit the wall”.  Gentlemen, of course, never voice these thoughts, and Donald Trump needs to learn that the kind of microscope he is under provides no private moments, and no private comments.  Do not feel bad for Ms. Fiorina, who started the spat by making fun of Trump.  Indeed, Trump has suffered no end of mockery over his hair and his looks.  I’ve heard that feminists demand to be treated just like men.  If so, getting made fun of based on your looks is something public figures like Trump and Chris Christie have been enduring for some time.  The dirty little secret, of course, is that women are unreserved when among themselves gossiping about men, including all sorts of raunchy talk about the size of men’s genitalia, how they perform in the sack, etc.  Women believe that men do the same, but the reality is that this seldom occurs beyond high school immaturity.  But I digress.