Donald Trump’s Political Schadenfreud – Amazing!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly made the claim that Donald Trump is the Islamist State’s (ISIS, ISIL, IS) best recruiter.  It’s doubtful that any of the hate-filled Muslims that feel compelled to join the radical organization have even heard of him or, if they have, they have even given him a second thought. 

The accusation against Trump has all of the markings of Clinton and Obama’s now discredited declaration that a Youtube video triggered the violence at our embassy in Benghazi.   The attack left our ambassador and the team assigned to protect him savagely murdered and their bodies violated in the most uncivilized ways imaginable.


The video and Donald Trump have no connection and both are largely unknown in the Arab world.  Obama and Clinton both knew the video had nothing to do with the attack on our embassy at the time and they both know that Trump has nothing to do with the recruitment of radicals, now. 


Polling shows their lies have caught up with them.  For a rapidly growing number of Americans, soon to be a majority, Clinton’s life of deceit and her penchant for blaming everyone else for the failed political policies that she has supported or implemented are what is now driving the voters to Trump.

This is true with Republicans, as well.  The party’s rank and file overwhelmingly no longer trust the majority of those Republicans that represent them in the House and Senate.  They’re sick of being lied to and they’re sick of being told what’s not possible.  As well, they fear our current immigration policies and are disgusted by the massive debt that has been accrued in an effort to “fix” social problems but have only succeeded in exacerbating those problems.

Donald Trump may not be the perfect candidate but he has shown a brash willingness to address all of this in reasoned, lawful and economically viable ways.

The bashing by Establishment Republicans who have joined Hillary Clinton in attacking Trump on every issue based solely on dishonest emotional arguments have also propelled Trump higher in intra-party polls.  Establishment Republicans have been left looking like their goal is to maintain the nation’s current trajectory that has the electorate so dispirited and discontent. 

As Americans’ personal living conditions are becoming increasingly threatened large numbers of those previously predisposed to emotional arguments have been moving their support to Trump to save themselves ahead of people they’ve never met and who have shown no gratitude for the sacrifices that have made to help them.

Every time Trump’s opponents disparage him his poll numbers rise.  Every columnist writing in the mainstream media who criticizes Trump is dismissed as a mouthpiece for the Globalist agenda.  The criticism by Trump’s opponents and detractors has become his greatest recruiting tool and he doesn’t have to spend a penny to continue being the beneficiary of it.

Read that again.  Trump’s greatest recruiting tools are Hillary Clinton and establishment Republicans!

Trump has ascended to a political nirvana where his critics are left in the unenviable position that the only thing left is to agree with him.  But even that would be a failed electoral strategy because precious few voters are left who believe that they’d actually deliver on any more promises that they make.


Trump has committed a sizable portion of his personal wealth to pursuing the presidency and to reclaiming America’s greatness and he hasn’t had to spend any of it.  That is why the schadenfreude that Donald Trump is experiencing must be delicious, especially because his opponents have brought this on themselves.  I can tell you that for this long abused American patriot I find it fabulously delicious.