Dylann Roof: What You Are Not Being Told

ELDER PATRIOT – In 1996 Bill Clinton rallied the black base of the Democrat Party when he made a speech conjuring up the memories of Black Church burnings in the South.  This has become standard fare in the dysfunctional relationship between the Party and it’s constituencies.


We now have this horrific mass murder in a Black Church that was apparently perpetrated by a young white man.  The facts that are being reported are suspect as is the timing of the suspect’s actions.


I have known enough politicians and been involved with enough details to know that events are seldom as they are reported, and rarely occur randomly.


Congress had just given the American people a gigantic middle finger by giving President Obama the authority to fast track the trade treaties and they were getting hammered in the headlines.  For his part, the president who had been fostering racial unrest for the majority of his presidency had turned up the heat this year with the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.


A white on black massacre of this magnitude would certainly fit the profile of an event that would, both, steal the headlines and rally an important Democrat constituency.  There would also be the benefit of advancing their attacks on the Second Amendment.


Dylann Roof was reported on an SSRI drug.  This family of drugs has been reported to be, both, mind and mood altering. There have been many reported instances where the person taking an SSRI drug turns extremely violent.  Columbine killer Eric Harris, ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes and Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza were all taking SSRI or other pharmaceuticals at the time they committed their atrocities.


Were these people turned into monsters by the use of these drugs?  Were they brainwashed by an individual, or some group that took the opportunity to turn these drug addled young men into violent assassins with the intention of political gain?


Right now there is no evidence to confirm this hypothesis but there are hints that suggest things may not be as they are being reported:

  • Roof’s friend who happens to be black, Christon Scriven told the AP on Friday“Never once did he say ‘I don’t like black people, I’m going to kill black people.”  Scriven said he never felt any animosity from Roof towards him or any other black person.
  • The video that was released shows what appears to be a dazed young man on drugs and not a hate-filled person who authored a manifesto against black people.
  • During the video, that appears to be serving as a court appearance, the victims families address Roof directly as though at a pre-sentencing hearing.
  • A racist and hate-filled manifesto surfaced that makes one wonder how Roof was able to hide his hatred while praying in the Charleston Church and interacting with his friends like Christon Scriven.


It is sad that questions like this have to be asked but most of us are aware of government programs like MK Ultra that deal with mind-control.  In light of the history of false flag events conducted by our government is it such a stretch to think this couldn’t be the case here?  Could Columbine, Aurora and Sandy Hook all be part of the same government plot?  Too much speculation?  Perhaps, but a government that has stopped listening to its people and that uses every conceivable method to spy on its people has earned whatever distrust comes its way.