Elder Patriot Invites Blacks To Join In Success And Prosperity

ELDER PATRIOT – This is an invitation to Blacks to reconsider their allegiance to the Democratic Party. 


I have no intention of regaling you with the history of racists who found a home in that political party.  History changes over time and so to do political parties and the men who are elected to them.  But, after one hundred years of government “help” this is undeniable:


This is not an attempt to convince you to become a Republican.  That would be foolish.  For the most part the Republican Party has become complicit with Democrats in keeping you beholden to the government for your family’s welfare.  In fact it appears that both parties are working overtime these days to force all of America’s ethnic groups into conditions similar to yours.

I’m fairly certain this is not what you had in mind in your desire for equality.

So why not invite yourself to realize Abraham Lincoln’s vision for you of being truly free people.  That begins with your state of mind, not anyone else’s state of mind.

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Until you change these facts about your community you will encounter bitterness from other ethnic groups that are forced to abide by the liberal policies that they know is so destructive to your personal fight.  That’s not because they’re racists.  To the contrary they are disgusted by the wasted lives that these costly programs engender.

Until you embrace the idea that failure is a choice your situation is unlikely to improve.


Contrary to what race-baiting politicians tell you being rich and being poor are not permanent conditions.  Almost all rich people started their lives as poor people but they refused to accept that as their permanent station in their lives.  Some faced obstacles greater than others but they all had to overcome many hurdles in order to achieve success. 


The greatest example of success through determination comes from within your own community where you dominate the populations of the NBA (75%) and the NFL (68%.) This is the result of your commitment and hard work in the gym and on the playing field.  In these instances employers demand excellence and you delivered it and have been richly compensated for it.  It is no different in any other area of business.  Asians are successfully supplanting many whites in technology jobs because of their commitment to education and willingness to work long hours.

So stop making excuses and start applying yourselves like we all know you’re capable of.


Pay attention to the keys to success that governs all the people regardless of their skin color.   That starts with educating yourself and, more importantly, demanding the best from your children in the classroom.


Excellence in education can lead to a lifetime of much higher earnings.


Just attending school and attaining degrees isn’t enough just as showing up in the gym or schoolyard isn’t enough to make it in the NBA or the NFL.  You must demand excellence of yourself and work hard to achieve it.

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Knowledge and integrity combine for good decision-making.

And, keep your personal life in order because nothing good results from turning your back on your responsibility to your family.


These keys are the surest way to achieve success.  Don’t listen to me listen to Charles Barkley and Booker T. Washington from over a century ago.

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Who you trust is up to you and that brings us back to Dr. King’s determination that your education must enable you to think critically.

So come on and join the party.


Demand more from yourself and demand more from your leaders.  Demand freedom so that you may become the best you can be.